Platinum Legal Cover

Anyone who has required the services of a lawyer will know how expensive legal help is. The law is expensive, so it can be hugely beneficial to have legal cover – legal cover from a well-established firm who knows how to impart their legal knowledge effectively. Here we will have a look at Platinum legal cover.

Platinum Life can offer you sound legal advice for an affordable amount each month. They were established in 2002 and are an authorised financial services provider, offering excellent insurance services.

The platinum legal cover doesn’t require you undergoing any medical tests, and when you pay your monthly premium, a certain percentage of that is donated to CHOC. This is the Childhood Cancer Foundation which provides support for children with cancer as well as other life-threatening blood disorders.

The Platinum Law policy offers a number of benefits

  • cover for legal expenses
  • you get legal advice and assistance
  • you benefit from an after-hours emergency service

Platinum Legal CoverTheir Life policies also have a Money Back Benefit. If you don’t claim on your policy, they pay you back 50% of all your premiums paid 20 years after you took out your policy or at age 65. This applies to if you took out the policy before the age of 45.  All payouts from Platinum Legal are tax-free.

Platinum knows too well that talking to a lawyer could cost you in the region of as much as R700 an hour. On the other hand, with them, you can pay a small premium each month and have access to reliable advice with a network of experienced attorneys. Immediate legal advice is just a phone call away.

Who Benefits from Platinum Legal Cover?

Your spouse has coverage, your parents as well as unmarried children under the age of 18. Extended family members such as cousins and live-in partners are not covered.

So with legal assistance from Platinum Life, you benefit from having access to unlimited legal advice which comes from a team of qualified in-house legal advisors. These legal advisors also communicate with 3rd parties in their efforts to try and resolve your legal problems. You’ll get advice on the likes of –

  • contractual disputes
  • unfair workplace dismissals
  • damage to property claims
  • rejections around medical aid claims
  • lease problems and body corporates
  • cars, insurance and 3rd party claims
  • criminal cases
  • with emergency services, for anyone arrested after hours. Platinum assists by directing you to a legal advisor who arranges legal representation for you. If all terms and conditions have been met, legal costs will be paid by the policy. Unfortunately in instances like this, Platinum can’t guarantee an attorney will be available in your area.


If the legal advisor at Platinum hasn’t been able to resolve your legal dispute, your case is then referred to an independent practising attorney.

Platinum Law will pay the attorney’s legal expenses according to the amount stipulated in your Platinum Life policy schedule. You need to bear in mind that there are some matters which are this does not include, and for this, you will need to refer to your policy document.

So life is full of calamities that you never planned for. By paying a small sum each month, you get legal help from an attorney and save yourself heaps of anguish.


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