What Does Hollard Legal Insurance Cover?

Why get Hollard legal insurance?

  1. It removes the stress of not having costly legal help
  2. It’s comforting getting legal advice from SA’s largest insurance group
  3. Hollard offers legal services to private and business clients
  4. Legal insurance premiums start from as little as R120 a month
  5. The Legal Plan covers civil, criminal and labour matters

Legal Insurance for a Host of Legal Issues

People just assume that legal insurance helps you with legal advice for things such as divorce. However, having legal insurance in South Africa is for all the different occasions that anybody faces costly legal charges.

Apart from high and unexpected costs, there is also that emotional aspect you will have to deal with, and Hollard Legal Insurance Covers Personal and Business Mattersthis is why it is so important to have legal insurance, as it removes a lot of stress from not having the means to see justice in place.

Hollard legal insurance provides you with sound legal advice when you need to resolve legal issues. It provides:

  • Access to professional legal advice
  • Assistance for when you need to draw up legal documents and contracts
  • Guidance when someone wants to lay criminal charges against you
  • Assistance and advice when you’ve been unfairly dismissed from work
  • Help with drafting a will
  • Assistance with debt counselling, labour benefits and more.

Legal insurance covers a range of criminal, civil and labour matters, and the Hollard Legal Plan covers Criminal-, Civil- and Labour matters arising in South Africa.

  • Criminal matters include the likes of theft, breaking and entering, murder, culpable homicide, rape, assault, fraud
  • Civil matters cover you for insurance claims. motor vehicle accidents, money lent privately, road accident fund claims, disputes with businesses such as builders etc
  • Labour matters include  things such as disciplinary hearings, unfair dismissals, labour court etc


Who is Hollard?

Hollard is South Africa’s biggest privately-owned insurance group, and they were established in 1980, offering their services and products to individuals, commercial entities as well as corporate clients.  Hollard has headquarters in Parktown, Johannesburg, and have more than 6 million policy holders in many different countries.

You never want to be involved in a legal dispute. It’s emotionally stressful and it can be costly if you go the wrong route. Legal insurance from Hollard is an excellent way of ensuring you get the support you need to cover the costs associated with a personal legal dispute. With the Hollard Legal Plan, you also get access to free, 24-hour legal advice.

With Hollard, by putting away a small amount each month towards your legal insurance policy, you need never be at a loss with legal cover. Whether it’s a civil, criminal or labour-related matter, Hollard can help you.

Waiting Period

With Hollard, there is a standard 3 month waiting period for civil, criminal & labour claims. During this waiting period, you won’t be able to claim.  During the waiting period, you will, however, be able to call their internal lawyers for advice. Matters that occurred in the past before and during the waiting period aren’t  covered.

Hollard advises all their legal insurance clients to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of the policy.

It can be such a relief knowing that you have legal support and that you won’t be party to sub-standard legal services.  Legal insurance is an excellent way to benefit from having a qualified, experienced attorney for any form of legal representation.

Benefits of Hollard Legal Insurance

  • The leading insurance group offers South Africans different levels of legal insurance cover to suit different budgets – R120,000, R150,000 and R200,000. The cover limit on your entire legal plan is set by your lifetime limit. This is 10,000x your monthly premium. If you were to select R200 per month premium cover, the maximum you could claim for the duration of your policy is R2 million.
  • There is no annual limit to your legal cover and you can claim as often as you want
    legal insurance from Hollard is affordable – legal insurance payments start from only R120 per month
  • Both telephonic and electronic legal advice 24/7
  • Retrenchment benefit offering you a 6 months grace period
  • Access to standard legal documentation and contracts
  • Assistance and representation for litigation matters
  • With Hollard, and excess is payable on claim, but with 2 years of being up to date with your policies, there is no excess
  • Waiting period of 3 months to make a claim


Extended Legal Cover

With Hollard, if you take Plan A, B or C you have access to extended legal insurance –

  • ante-nuptial contracts
  • 60% discount on debt counselling initiation fee as well as on attorney fees for property tariffs
  • property valuation screening
  • assistance with drafting a Will
  • uncontested divorce


Hollard’s Legal plan provides access to legal services which also includes advice from the company’s internal attorneys. There is also an insurance component covering large lump sum costs which come about because of litigation. Holders of the plan need to note that the insurance component is for litigation only and that some matters will be excluded.

The Hollard legal insurance plan covers you in a personal capacity. Hollard advises their clients that the legal process can take a long, time but that the biggest benefit comes from knowing that you won’t be faced with unexpected legal costs.  They know that legal matters can arise that aren’t your fault but that you will still need to defend your legal rights.

Legal Insurance for Those who Can’t Make sense of Law

The law really is territory that very few of us can understand. Thankfully there are experts who can help us make sense of it because the law requires an immensity of knowledge that the man on the street can never hope to master. Now, for as little as R120 per month, Hollard’s Legal Plan will cover your legal expenses for up to R120 000 per matter. You’ll also have access to a lawyer and excellent legal advice provided by qualified, professional lawyers. That’s not all, with this cover, you enjoy other legal assistance with the drafting of legal documents.

To crown it all, with Hollard legal insurance you are treated with respect while they deliver their excellent legal services.


All info was correct at time of publishing