Which Is the Best Legal Insurance Company in South Africa?

Looking for the best legal insurance company in South Africa? Legal insurance providers provide the most commonly needed forms of legal protection, namely:

  • Mediation
  • Litigation
  • Legal advice

Best Legal Insurance Company – Legal advice Benefit

Legal advice services provides for unlimited, 24 hour telephonic legal consultations. This benefit kicks in the day you purchase the cover, for as long as you keep up with the premium payments.

The basic benefit on your legal assistance policy refers to your entitlement to free legal advice, in certain circumstances free labour advice. This entitlement lasts the length of time you are a member, for any personal or private legal or labour matter, whether or not the legal action came about prior or after you purchased the policy.

Best Legal Insurance Company – Mediation Benefit

Free labour and legal advice, informal assistance and mediation for the duration of your membership. Best Legal Insurance Company in South AfricaApplied to any labour or private legal matter, arising after the legal plan’s commencement date. Assistance with agreements and contracts, as well as any negotiations if necessary.

Another feature of legal advice policies is the mediation benefit. This means you are able to access free informal assistance and mediation. This assists you during any personal legal matter where you might need help.

Best Legal Insurance Company – Litigation Benefit

Legal representation in court in matters such as civil, criminal, family or labour in nature. Should you be involved in a court proceeding necessitating physical representation for labour, family or civil matters.

The litigation benefit is offered in some legal assistance policy packages, covering you should you become attached to a court proceeding, be it labour, civil, or criminal in nature, requiring physical representation.

What Matters I’m I Covered Against

  • Criminal Matters – assistance with criminal trial representation, bail application
  • Civil Matters – vehicle accident issues and civil claims defending and instituting
  • Labour Matters – support and advice with labour practice, unfair dismissal and other grievances. Representation in labour court.
  • Family Matters – matters of maintenance and divorce, prenuptial agreements.

Who offers legal cover in South Africa?

There are a number of South African insurance companies who offer legal assistance protection. Those among the most recognisable names are most of the large, blue-chip insurance firms in the country such as Hollard and Clientele.

Some legal covers have a waiting period between purchasing the policy and you enjoying the benefits, while others don’t. additionally, some policies exclude certain types of legal actions, either wholly or partly. Make sure you understand your policy’s terms and conditions carefully.

What exactly are legal assistance packages?

Legal assistance insurance provides either telephonic or physical legal representation and advice for your legal matters. But what does it cover for? Well, this is a broad question with an equally broad answer. The gist of it is it depends on your provider, your premium payments and the policy’s terms and conditions.

Inevitably, most people encounter issues that can only be solved through the legal system, at one point or another. Legal assistance and advice consists of various legal benefits. Subject to the different terms, conditions and exclusions of your policy, you your significant other as well as any dependent children may receive assistance and advice with administrative, labour, criminal and civil matters.

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