Legal protection is an affordable way to protect your rights.

Celebrities all have expensive bodyguards as protection against unforseen events that they may encounter. At a fraction of the cost get protection too – Legal protection.

Why would You need Legal protection?

1. Protect yourself against unexpected legal disputes that require expensive lawyers
2. The policy includes a skilled lawyer who acts on your behalf
3. Legal protection ranges from personal issues to Internet disputes
4. Affordable access to justice spares you stress and harassment

A trained Lawyer is Part of your Legal protection Policy

Legal protection

The policy provides you with funds to cover the cost of employing a lawyer to act on your behalf. Tailor the plan to suit your needs for individuals as well as companies. The choice of telephonic advice or full legal court costs is up to you.

In South Africa, it’s easy to get into a dispute. Just read the news and you’ll soon see how many disputes there are just in the workplace alone. You could have an issue with your boss over unfair or wrongful dismissal. Or about taking time off from work to strike, pension, equal pay – the list never ends.

Legal protection covers everything from personal issues, the purchase and sale of property, drawing up a will, contracts, labour law etc. and advice for Internet disputes.

Where to Find legal Protection

Today, it isn’t important to know the law as to know where to find the law. The police can sometimes offer advice on many problems, but they can’t help in more complex cases such as disputes about debt for instance.

The judge, on the other hand, is the governments representative and will advise on many issues. Many legal problems can be solved only by taking proper legal advice. Everyone should have equal access to the law. If you can’t afford a lawyer, you need to take a Means Test”

Legal Protection advice Websites

If you struggle to find legal cover for yourself, there are websites like LegalWise. Founded in 1970 on the concept that for a small monthly fee, you can rely on legal cover for the rest of your life. LegalWise is the only African member of the International Association of Legal Protection and is known as RIAD.

Fair access to Justice

Legal cover has been in around since the early 1900’s already, coming about because of long and complex legal disputes. Their aim is to ensure that you can benefit from fair and affordable access to justice and legal advice.

As a member of LegalWise you get proper legal advice if you become involved in a legal dispute. Their legal Counsellors provide a range of services from their branches countrywide. They also have a 24-hour line for advice at any time. Legal staff review your case and then refer you to a panel of attorneys if your case requires a court hearing.

Legal Protection covers Every aspect of the Law

If you suffer injury or any kind of damage because of someone else’s actions, you can claim compensation. Of course, you will have to prove that the person has committed a civil wrong or even a breach of contract.

There are many reasons why you could find yourself needing legal protection. These can include the likes of damage to property, infringement of a patent, defamation, adultery, marriage, landlord and tenant issues, contracts, divorce, labour-related problems, insurance, family violence, criminal, consumer disputes, personal injury law and much more. Each of these laws is unique and requires knowledge of that specific type of law.

Some issues of law occur more often than others like –

Family Law – This includes divorce, child custody and child support payments. Often with family law, there are also cases of domestic abuse which would involve some form of legal protection such as a restraining order. The order provides protection for the complainant and  prevents the person with the order from entering certain premises such as the victim’s home or office

Recovering a debt – The person to whom the money is owed – the creditor – sends a letter of demand to the person who owes the money – the debtor – demanding payment of the debt. If the debtor refuses to pay, a summons is issued.

Estate planning – For those who want to know that their assets will be in good hands after they pass away. Most people want a will in place to show how their assets are to be divided, while others want a power of attorney that grants someone else the choice to make a decision on their behalf.

Affordable legal plans have been designed to take away the financial risks that comes with pursuing a legal matter.The importance of legal protection helps you avoid disputes at all costs as they can be drawn out and costly. Ensure you’re fully protected with this plan so you never land yourself in a costly legal mess.

All info was correct at time of publishing