Clientele Legal Advice Offers Value for Money

Do you get value from Clientele Legal Advice?

  1. You get a more favourable legal outcome than were you to go it alone
  2. For a small monthly fee, you get affordable access to legal advice
  3. Clientele make their legal advice jargon-free and easy to understand
  4. You’re getting legal advice from a credible source
  5. Their legal advisors are available telephonically

Benefit from More Favourable Legal Outcomes

The fact remains – a client will generally get a more favourable legal outcome when getting professional legal advice than trying to resolve a dispute on their own.

So what actually happens to those individuals who find themselves requiring legal advice, but don’t get assistance? What happens when they don’t have the financial means to pay as much as R2000 an hour to see a lawyer? Certainly, there would be no action and then the legal problem festers and remains unresolved. This can jeopardise a business, more so small businesses and start-ups.

Protecting the business from copyright claims and sexual harassment lawsuits are just one or two of the typical legal issues that commonly face small business owners. It’s why every business in South Africa needs an affordable lawyer as a friend. Clientele legal advice is perfect for business owners!

Reasonably Priced Methods for Getting Legal Advice

Many small businesses find that the high costs of a lawyer prevents them ever finding decent legal advice. They need to know that there are reasonably priced methods of getting legal advice. The type of legal services a business needs varies with the size and age of the business.

Clientele Legal Advice

The card you will carry as a Clientele Legal client

Also, the type of lawyer you need depends on the business you’re in. Certainly, for more complicated matters, you may need a specialist lawyer who specialises in banking, patenting, environmental law, copyrighting, employment law and others.

An effective way for small business owners to get legal advice is through a pre-paid legal services plan such as Clientele legal advice. This sort of plan provides a business with affordable access to legal advice by paying an affordable monthly fee. The advantage with pre-paid legal services is savings and the biggest benefit of a pre-paid legal plan is that it provides a way to reduce the cost of legal services.

Start Paying a Monthly Premium and Get Affordable Legal Help

The Clientèle Limited Group is a financial services group. They are on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange too. By paying them a monthly premium, you can get sound legal advice when you need it.

Over the past 20 years, it has been successful in offering convenient and easy to understand financial services products to the public through various direct marketing and sales distribution channels.

Clientele legal advice offers valuable products because they understand the needs for financial protection and investment for South Africans, so their product range includes life, dreaded disease, hospitalisation, investment and legal related products.

Clientele Legal Advice Through the Extended Legal Plan

  • Legal advice at affordable rates which cover the fees charged by an attorney in the representation of civil, criminal and labour related matters
  • The policy is useful as it covers your spouse and children up to the age of 18
  • The policy has a three month waiting period and only covers matters arising after the waiting period
  • Once your first premium has been paid, you have telephonic advice
  • There is a bail benefit automatically included on your policy and at no additional cost
  • Clientele pays up to R3,000 on behalf of their clients if they are arrested for a minor crime
  • There is a Retrenchment Benefit will allows you 3 consecutive premiums without the waiting period or cover being effected
  • The policy also provides cover for death as a result of an accident. This benefit can also be included for a spouse
  • Take note that there are certain kinds of legal matters not covered such as business matters as well as those matter which arose before taking out the policy

Clientele offers many legal services for your small or medium sized business.  Running a small or medium sized business takes skill, and with some legal aspects, courage as well.

No business wants to contend with legal matters that can impact their business negatively. The Clientèle Legal Business Plan protects and guides.

Matters Covered by Clientele for Your Business

  • Labour Employee dispute resolution
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • CCMA referrals
  • Bargaining Council
  • Written warnings
  • Retrenchment proceedings
  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • Labour Court proceedings
  • Disciplinary hearings

Some Matters not covered –

  • Pre-existing matters
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Personal non-business matters
  • Any kind of business conducted outside South Africa’s borders

If you want legal advise from Clientele, they have tried to keep their monthly premiums affordable. To do this, they ask for a once-off admin fee of R250 with your first premium. Once you have paid your premium, you have access to superior legal services.

Premiums for business cover start in the region of R520 per month and relates to your business’ risk profile. Legal advice is always sound and comes from legal professionals who advise on legal matters whether you’re a tiny company or a large company with hundreds of employees.

So Many Legal Responsibilities with Running a Business

Shouldn’t you be looking at what Clientele can offer you? It’s not easy running a business in South Africa today. Research shows that as much as 80% of all start-ups fail within the first couple of years of being in business.

You’d then need to de-register your business, and once your business has received de-registration confirmation from the relevant authorities, you then have to go to your SARS offices and make sure that your businessis  de-registered from all the different types of tax involved. As you can see there are plenty of legal aspects to trying to run a business, and unless you’re super clued up on these matters, you’ll need trustworthy and expert legal advice.

Many Legal Responsibilities for the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs just don’t consider all the legal responsibilities that come with running a business. Just handling employees in South Africa today is a mammoth task what with strikes and lockouts where strict procedures need to be followed.

Without legal advice, you can land your business in deep waters and it may even be forced to close down. Once again you’ll need legal advice to check out the legal aspects involved with this.

With attorney’s fees costing a couple of thousand Rand an hour, legal advice needs to come far cheaper than this, and Clientele legal advice is waiting to help you with good advice and services – affordably.

All info was correct at time of publishing