Allianz Legal Protection for Specialised Services

What is Allianz Legal Protection?

  • They are part of the Allianz SE Group and leading global insurers
  • Allianz provides before and after the event insurance solutions
  • They offer their legal protection solutions to personal- and commercial clients
  • They’re award-winning insurers who have won Personal Injury Insurance Provider of the Year award
  • Allianz underwrites their products so they can offer products and pricing tailored to their customer’s needs


An International Insurer

Allianz is an international insurer which means South Africans can benefit too. They are a specialist legal protection insurer – in fact, one of the leading financial services providers in the world.

Allianz knows that people battle to keep up with ever changing legal regulations and Allianz Legal Coverbecause they’re not clued up, they risk not meeting their legal obligations.

Allianz Legal Protection started doing business in 1986 and they offer a host of insurance solutions for personal and commercial clients. They have won Personal Injury Insurance Provider of the Year before and provide an excellent range of personal and commercial legal protection products.

Because Allianz underwrites their products, they offer both products and pricing tailored to your needs. Whether you are a business or solicitor, they provide personal injury insurance, clinical negligence insurance, commercial legal services, employee benefits solutions and more.

Taking Away Financial Risk

If you have a legal problem, depending on what it is, there is affordable legal protection. Not only that, you’ll also have access to free information about different legal issues.

The beauty about a specialist legal protection insurer is that they can provide you with legal advice over the phone or refer you to see one of their lawyers. And if you have a court hearing and you don’t have your own lawyer, they will also be able to help you at court.

Legal expenses insurance, also called legal protection insurance, is important as it takes away the financial risk with pursuing a case. How many people never get justice because they fear the legal costs involved?

Legal Protection Before or After an Event

Legal protection insurance is for individuals and businesses to cover the legal costs connected with legal actions. The insurance can be on a before-the-event-basis. This is a traditional way of buying insurance and provides you with financial protection for legal disputes.

The insurance can also be after the event. This is for when you need financial protection against the risk of losing a legal action. This legal protection protects you from being liable for legal fees.

Allianz Products

Let’s look at one or two of Allianz’s protective insurance products.

Allianz specialises in tailored business insurance cover for small and large businesses. These businesses are different types and sizes. The insurance suits the needs of each business.  One of these products is their ‘Complete Business’ product.

This insurance protects your business from property damage, business interruption, employers’ liability, personal accident, public and products liability, theft by employee, commercial legal expenses and more. This insurance covers commercial businesses with a certain turnover and will meet your specific business needs.

Allianz offers their ‘Complete Flatowner’ insurance too which is ideal for owners of blocks of flats. This insurance is tailored to provide solutions for your individual requirements.

It provides protection against damage and legal action. It comes with useful optional cover such as loss of rent and employers’ liability.

Their ‘Complete Retailer’  is for independent retail businesses such as butchers, grocers and restaurants among others. It offers a wide range of cover to provide an insurance solution for your business.

The Complete Retailer product provides core covers as, and like their other insurance, also offers flexible optional extras. They are also an outstanding commercial motor legal expenses insurer. Their  specialist fleet policy is specifically for every kind of vehicle and suited for small businesses up to large corporates.

Allianz also offers legal cover surrounding Intellectual Property. Allianz knows too well that just like physical property, you need to protect things you can’t touch. These include things such as your business’s name.

Legal Protection Online

The international insurer offers an effective way to get paperwork thanks to their Allianz Legal Online, which is included as part of your legal expenses insurance. Allianz Legal Online is provided by Epoq Legal Limited. It is designed for policy holders of Allianz Insurance.

Allianz knows that a business just doesn’t have time trying to get all their paperwork drafted and kept up-to-date. With their online set-up, all documentation is prepared automatically and ready for signing.

A Jargon-Free Law Guide

As part of the services that Allianz offers, you get instant access to their jargon-free law guide to check your business’s legal rights. This service is available to you night and day, every day of the year. This law guide has been prepared by lawyers and it offers helpful information and assistance to run a business efficiently.
Allianz Legal Online removes the legal worry of running a business and helps them to also avoid costly legal fees. It is able to identify legal risks within the customer’s legal documentation. Customers can also have access to legal templates and prepare legal contracts online. Customers can also stay up to date with employment legislation which effects their business.

Allianz Telephone Advice Lines

Allianz also provides 24/7 telephone advice lines. These are extremely useful to customers who are looking for information regarding their legal and tax issues. The solicitors of Allianz are able to provide free legal advice on any business related matter. Their services include –

  • Discounted Undisputed Debt Recovery Service – legal action for undisputed debts over £250.
  • Discounted Solicitor Employment Support – guidance on pursuing an internal disciplinary.
  • Cost Effective Crisis Communication Services
  • Discounted Uninsured Legal Action for commercial matter that’s not covered by the customer’s insurance.


With Allianz Legal Online, they help you keep your intellectual property safe, making use of their documents and contracts which include non-disclosure agreements to ensure confidentiality during business negotiations with third parties. The site also includes  agreements used in the media and entertainment sector such as a photographer’s agreement for the use of their work.

Trust Allianz – they have Immense Legal Knowledge

When you buy legal protection from Allianz Insurance, you have the assurance that you are part of one of the biggest general insurers in the world.

Most people don’t know their basic legal rights, and it is only fair that there should be experts like Allianz, because the law requires an immensity of knowledge that few South Africans could ever hope to master.


All info was correct at time of publishing