LegalWise Products Are Suitable for All South Africans

What products does LegalWise have to offer? 

  • Gold Membership
  • Gold Plus Membership
  • Platinum Membership
  • Added optional benefits of LegalWise membership
  • Debt Counselling for members and non-members

LegalWise Gold membership

To become a LegalWise Gold member, you will be required to pay R90 every month. For this you will be entitled to a payout of up to R90,000 in legal fees for each case. Should the main member die, a R9,000payout will be made to cater for any legal costs.

A number of additional benefits also apply for this level of membership including:

  • Reprieve of up to six months in case you are retrenched or become disabled permanently or temporarily.
  • Payout for legal expenses if the main member dies by accident.

LegalWiseIn addition you will have access to para-legal services including:

  • A team of in-house legal counsellors to help settle cases without going to court where possible.
  • Legal assistance on email and online during office hours and a 24/7 help line.
  • A countrywide network of branches


LegalWise Gold Plus membership 

This level of membership requires you to pay R135 every month. While this is higher than the Gold membership, it entitles you to R45,000 more in terms of payout for legal fees.

The payout will be available whether you need representation in court or an alternative dispute resolution forum. Both you and your family will get access to legal counsel.

In the event of the death of the main LegalWise member, a payout of R13,500 will be made available to cater for any attendant legal costs.

As a Gold Plus member you have one more benefit; a free 45-minute consultation session with any lawyer on the LegalWise network.

LegalWise Platinum membership

This is the top tier of LegalWise membership available. You will be required to pay R220 every month in premiums. In return you will get a payout of up to R220,000 to cater for your legal expenses for each case. Whether the case is heard in court or an alternative dispute resolution forum, the payout still applies. You can also look forward to a number of added benefits including:

  • A discount of up to 60% on conveyancing fees if the matter regards property.
  • Free property evaluation once every year
  • Claim insurance benefits for child maintenance and uncontested divorce as well as for rescission of administration orders.
  • More specialised legal representation


Moneyback guarantee 

If you reach a point, after beginning your subscriptions, where you feel LegalWise is not meeting your needs, you can cancel your membership. This is only applicable if you have not gone beyond the three-month waiting period.

If you won’t have made any claims in this time, you will be reimbursed all the premiums you had paid. This benefit applies to all tiers of LegalWise membership.

Additional benefits 

There are yet more benefits LegalWise members can enjoy if willing to part a slightly larger premium. These include:

  • Free ARV treatment for HIV patients
  • Insurance benefits per case of up to R70,000
  • Trauma counselling
  • Benefits for defamation during employment.

All info was correct at time of publishing