Compare legal assistance policies with Hippo.

I need legal advice in a hurry, how can a quote from Hippo legal advice help me get the best assistance?

Hippo has partnered with insurers and financial firms across the board to ensure you get the level of service you need.

How do I get a Hippo legal Advice quote?

Fill in the online form with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact numbers and physical address
  • Email address
  • Gender and marital status
  • Your occupation
  • Monthly income and level of education

The info determines how much of a risk you are. You will also need to indicate if you smoke.

Hippo legal adviceFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is legal assistance insurance?

When you need it you get legal advice either on your mobile or face to face with a lawyer. When in court you have someone to represent you. These are the basic benefits of this policy. However, extra benefits depend on the type of policy you choose.

What is a civil suit?

A dispute between a person and a company, for instance, a case of wrongful dismissal from work.

What should I do if I am arrested?

Cooperate with the police to increase your chances of getting released on bail. Give them your personal info if they ask for it but do not admit guilt to the charge.

What type of case does my legal cover include?

The policy you get covers your costs for any legal private or labour matter. Be it a civil or criminal case, your policy takes care of the bill.

Why compare Policies with Hippo?

  • Savings: This is a key factor for most people needing legal insurance given the current state of the economy. You will make savings when you use Hippo to find a policy.
  • Time-saving: Avoid the long task of looking through the sites of service providers. Let Hippo do the legwork for you to get the legal policy that suits your budget and lifestyle. Hippo comparison quotes take just a few minutes.
  • The right choice: The quotes we send you are based on price and an assessment of your needs. What’s more, there are no hidden charges for using our services.

What do People think of Hippo?

From the reviews submitted by our previous clients, you can see how much easier we have made their lives. Most of them say they would recommend Hippo to a friend based on the above.


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