What can I gain from a Legalwise Platinum membership?

We don’t think about it from day to day but we are surrounded by potential legal disputes everywhere. That’s why you need a Legalwise Platinum Membership policy.

Unfair dismissal, contracts, divorce, marital violence the list goes on and on and they all need a lawyer.

Legalwise Platinum membership Solves all these Issues

What Legalwise can offer you:

  • Legal fees up to R22,000 in case of death
  • A free property assessment every year
  • Access to a countrywide network of branches
  • 24/7 legal advice from experts on your mobile
  • A host of Para-legal services


All you need to do as a Legalwise subscriber is to slightly increase your monthly premium to R220 and you will be eligible for a host of great benefits.

Legalwise PlatinumLegalwise Platinum membership – All legal Expenses catered for

You get a cash payout of R22,000 to take care of legal bills in the event you get involved in a fatal accident. You also get a huge discount on property conveyancing fees.

Para-legal services

In addition to the above, you get access to many para-legal services without having to pay.

  • Our LegaLine, open 24/7/365 gives legal advice and support
  • Plus, you can reach our legal team anytime during office hours via email
  • Nationwide access to our network of branches
  • Support with debt in terms of admin orders and judgements as well as settlement talks
  • Aid with ante-nuptial contracts, child support and other family matters
  • Help with civil services from the Small Claims court to forums like the CCMA
  • Our in-house legal team work to resolve issues without having to go to court


Insurance benefits

  • Cover for you and your spouse as well as children below the age of 18
  • You have access to a network of more than 300 law firms that are LegalWise partners to represent you
  • You can also use a lawyer not linked to LegalWise
  • Cover of up to R275,000 to cater for legal fees per case. This includes for civil, labour and criminal cases
  • These fees are charged at the LegalWise tariff rates

Exceptions, where LegalWise benefits apply, are listed below –

  • Cases of defamation lodged by yourself
  • A dispute with a claim amount lower than R5,000
  • Cases started before you became a LegalWise member or during the three-month waiting period before you become eligible for claims
  • A case where there is an option of paying a fine without conviction
  • Where your case involves a public officer, spokesperson, execution or executor
  • A case that is an act for or against political, economic or environmental development
  • A collective or class action case


You can’t afford to be without legal protection. Without it, you can’t afford it.

All info was correct at time of publishing