What is Hollard’s personal legal plan all about?

A Hollard personal legal plan is all you need to protect yourself in today’s rough and tumble world. With personal legal cover, you can deal with confidence in any legal matter that occurs.

This insurance covers all types of cases including criminal matters, identity theft, labour disputes and civil suits.

With Hollard you get:

  • Different personal legal plans
  • Cover for a variety of legal issues
  • Requirements and benefits of each plan
  • Extra benefits on certain plans

A Hollard personal Legal plan Protects your Rights

Besides helping you resolve legal issues Hollard has other great benefits:

  • A free 30-minute meeting with a lawyer
  • Standard legal documents prepared with no charge
  • Free legal advice
  • A letter of demand at no cost
  • Help in finding a lawyer


Personal legal Plans from Hollard

There are two main plans you can subscribe to:

  • Legal Insurance
  • Funeral and Legal Combo

There are different levels of cover for legal fees with these plans. You can deal per case depending on the premium you pay.

Legal Insurance rates start at R120 per month for up to R120,000 worth of cover. For R150,000 you need to pay R130 monthly and R150 for R200,000 legal cover.

Funeral and Legal Combo rates start at just R50, which guarantees you R60,000 in legal fees per case. For R60 you get a payout of R10,000 more.

Hollard personal legal plan

To decide on the policy that best suits you remember –

  • A policy only covers you, your partner and children. Your extended family does not benefit from the policy
  • You must wait a period of three months from the start date before you can claim on your Hollard personal legal plan. You can, however, still get advice from the legal helpline during this period.
  • There is no excess payable with this policy

Additional benefits You can Draw on

  • Free legal advice from fully qualified attorneys on the helpline or via email
  • In the event you are retrenched 12 months into the policy, you’ll be exempt from premiums for a six-month grace period
  • Access to a range of legal documents like lease agreements and employment contracts
  • Free help in drafting ante-nuptial agreements if you’re getting married
  • Legal assistance for an uncontested divorce
  • Help in drawing up a basic will
  • Property valuation using RatesWatch
  • Access to legal representation and consultation from Hollard’s panel of attorneys according to their tariffs
  • Discounts of up to 60% on legal fees for property tariffs and debt counselling initiation fees


You can afford to get the legal backing of Hollard’s team of professionals.






All info was correct at time of publishing