Why you should sign up for Platinum Life legal insurance.

Platinum Life legal insurance puts some of the best legal brains in the country at your call in a way you can afford. You will have expert legal advice just a phone call away.

What you can expect from a Platinum Life policy:

  • Affordable, quality legal advice
  • Access to a network of attorneys across the country
  • A host of great extra benefits
  • Emergency legal advice around the clock

About Platinum Life legal Insurance

Platinum Life legal insuranceA Platinum Life plan puts legal advice and counsel within the reach of all South Africans. The cost of hiring a lawyer is out of the question for many of us, few can afford the R700 an hour fee they charge for their services.

The policy for legal costs and advice covers you, your partner and your family, as long as your children are below 18 years of age.

Platinum Life legal Insurance and the Cases they Deal with

  • Construction contract disputes such as subpar workmanship
  • Damage to your property
  • Car accidents
  • Criminal charges wrongfully brought against you
  • Corporate cases
  • Rejected medical claims without proper cause

Legal advice A phone Call away

We have a team of expert legal advisors who are on standby during working hours. Besides the legal advice you need, they can link you up with any third party that will help your cause. You can also get help after-hours.

Quick action on Your part is Vital

As soon as you get knowledge of your legal problem you must contact Platinum Life. As per policy, you must do so no more than 90 days after learning about the issue. During your talks with advisors, keep tabs on the conversations. Don’t allow large time lapses before getting back to them. If your advisor tells you they are consulting with a third party and will get back to you, be sure to follow up.

Affordable legal Representation when You need it Quickly

Should legal advice from our experts not resolve your issue, we forward the matter to an independent attorney. Platinum Life legal aid pays the bill.

Your policy determines the amount paid out. Certain issues will not be covered by the payout, such as divorce, child maintenance and other family matters. Also excluded are criminal cases where you have no defence against the charges brought against you. Details of the list where legal representation is not covered are available in your policy document.


All info was correct at time of publishing