Unity legal insurance unites complex law within a simple, affordable policy.

Unity legal insurance plans, a product with South African households in mind. The cover takes care of you, your wife and up to four children’s legal bills. Your children must be between 18 and 21 years old and unemployed. They should also be unmarried.

Some points on a Unity plan –

  • Cover for the entire family
  • Different plans to suit your needs
  • Quality legal representation around the clock
  • Great added benefits

Unity legal insurance 

Unity legal insuranceThe three options to choose from when it comes to Unity policies:

Plan A: The main member pays a monthly fee of R55. This assures them of R55,000 to pay for any court costs or legal advice every year. The cover only comes into effect after a three-month waiting period. However, this only applies for litigation services. There is no cover in a divorce case with this plan.

Plan B: A monthly fee of R75 gives you a payout of up to R75,000 per year to pay for your legal costs whenever needed. There is a three-month waiting period for any court issues. When it comes to divorce you only benefit if the separation is uncontested.

Plan C: This has an R120,000 payout every year. If you buy this policy there is only a one month waiting period to take effect for any court appearance. The fee is R110 every month. With this plan it doesn’t matter whether your divorce is uncontested or not; you still get representation. The plan also covers child maintenance matters.

Unity legal insurance – Quality legal Advice around the Clock

If you need help drafting a contract or legal advice when putting together a business deal, Unity provides experts in their field. The cover extends to all types of cases, family, labour, civil and criminal –  identity theft included.

The cover includes litigation as well plus basic legal and mediation service. A 24-hour helpline is available to you with a fully qualified legal expert on the other end. You can also use this helpline for advice on issues you had before becoming a member.

Added benefits from Unity legal insurance

A Unity legal policy also offers to help you with your personal income tax. Under this service you get:

  • Help with tax planning
  • Advice on all tax matters
  • Help with working out capital gains, donations and other kinds of tax
  • Advice on how to structure salaries
  • Help with filing provisional tax returns
  • Audit assessment guidance


Unity unites all the complex legal issues to make it easier for you.

All info was correct at time of publishing