Are you insured against the fickle finger of fate?

If you’re a landlord, own a B&B or small business do you have legal liability cover for anything that might happen to someone on your property?

Legal liability Cover protects you Against the Unexpected –

Dealing with the public on your property can lead to –

  • Complaints from patients if you are a medical professional such as a nurse or doctor
  • Risks involved in day-to-day operations of a business
  • Legal judgements against your firm arising from hiring or firing
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Landlords sued by tenants for breach of contract

Protect yourself from Unforeseen events

Legal liability Cover   

We have insurance for the unexpected. But it isn’t just about protecting your property, it’s also about protecting yourself from unforeseen costs. What if you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property?  You may be liable for the damages.

Legal liability cover protects you against financial loss if your actions result in injury or damage to property. It covers the legal costs as well as legal payouts for which you would be responsible if found liable.

Every Landlord needs Legal liability Cover 

Tenants can be irresponsible, therefore, investment in properties for rental comes with risks. Many things can go wrong. A geyser could burst or a fire breaks out injuring someone.

A landlord’s negligence may cause an injury to tenants or visitors, how can one sleep peacefully at night without legal liability insurance? The cost of litigation and a legal defence are high. However, the good news is that with legal liability cover, a landlord can conduct business in confidence and peace.

A business Can’t survive without Legal insurance

Legal liability Cover   

Due to risks involved in their day-to-day operations, a business, big or small, needs some form of liability cover. The insurance takes care of any financial risk involved in defending a claim and the compensation you may need to pay to the injured as well as their legal costs. A business that is struggling to survive and then becomes liable for damages, could go under fast.

Professional indemnity insurance is also important. The insurance protects you from legal action taken against you if someone suffers injury or loss because of your professional advice or service.

Patients often sue doctors. Professional liability cover protects medical professionals who have the responsibility of caring for people. But they can face a lawsuit from upset family members who accuse them of neglect. Premiums for this type of cover depends on the physician’s degree of risk

Complaints against medical staff have risen lately by unhappy patients about the lack of care. Any patient who has been the victim of a complex medical negligence case, will themselves need to make use of a lawyer.

When a Life is at Stake you need Legal liability Cover   

Legal liability Cover   

Doctors themselves hold more liability towards clients. They require more cover than what an ordinary insurance can provide. An anaesthetic, for instance, can be wrongly administered. A baby can suffer brain damage due to an improper birthing process. These are the type of acts for which you may have grounds to claim.

A doctor or hospital can face ruin if sued for negligible conduct. Whether the complaints are real or false, physicians can cover themselves with a liability plan. The premiums may be high but the benefits are worth it.

Protect yourself From the Risk of being Sued

People and businesses rely on insurance to protect them from having to pay damages in a lawsuit. Some hospitals and clinics have a group insurance policy to protect their staff. This contributes to lowering the premium for the individual practitioners.

For the plaintiff to bring a civil case against you, they will need to prove that you were to blame for the injury or loss for which compensation is being sought. Personal liability insurance is bought essentially by high-net-worth individuals but the cover is recommended for anyone who has a higher-than-average risk of being sued.

All info was correct at time of publishing