Legal Insurance and why you need it in South Africa.

Many of us have life insurance and insured our homes, cars, laptops and valuables but how many have Legal Insurance? This form of cover is just as vital to our lifestyle.

Legal Insurance and Why it is Important –

  • Some jobs of a dangerous nature mean you could often be in a legal dispute
  • For a low monthly premium, you have access to skilled lawyers
  • You don’t need to find thousands of Rands to pay for a lawyer
  • Reduced premiums when you add in your family
  • Some plans have value add-ons such as retrenchment or bail benefit

Understand what Your Legal Insurance covers You for

Legal Insurance

Depending on the plan you choose, legal cover can vary. Some plans provide legal advice and help with drawing up a contract, while another may cover you for everything.
With legal insurance, different types of protection plans will cover different sectors of the law. To ensure that you benefit from your policy, pay your monthly premiums every month on time.

Legal assistance and Legal insurance are different. Legal assistance provides information by phone. Legal insurance also gives advice and takes legal action to represent you in court. Legal cover can vary from one insurer to another but will generally involve legal help and info. Your monthly premium covers the lawyers’ fees as well as court costs.

Many low-income Earners can Hardly afford a Lawyer

There are certain jobs in South Africa where it is important to have legal cover because of the dangers involved. The police and security guards for instance, sometimes have to act with force in violent situations, where they may end up on the receiving end of a legal dispute.

Legal Insurance

However, many people employed in the security profession are not highly paid. When it comes to defending themselves in court, they have very little recourse available.

But what about other people in any kind of job who find themselves at the wrong end of the law? Instead of going without legal help because of lawyers fees, why not look at affordable monthly legal insurance?

Legal insurance offers you value for money and pays out when the need arises. You will have access to the best lawyers that won’t cost you thousands of Rands by the hour for their services. An affordable premium each month gives you access to a good team of lawyers.

There are Other benefits that Come with a Legal plan and These include –

  • A retrenchment benefit
  • Bail benefit
  • Reduced premiums for family, as well as extended family
  • 24/7 access to legal advice from a qualified lawyer.


Legal cover varies from one provider to the next, but on average, a legal policy will cost you about R120 a month. You do get cheaper and more expensive options – it depends on what you require. If you want, you can go on a comparison site, fill in the online form, and you will get free quotes from legal insurance firms.

Even a Small business Needs Legal cover

There are many reasons why you should purchase legal cover. If you were unfairly dismissed from work, how would you tackle this problem without legal advice? Without a job, you’ll need every cent you have to survive. With insurance, lawyers will help you sort out the problem.

Legal Insurance

You may well own a business, and whatever its size, you’ll require the services of lawyers from time to time. There are plenty of legal aspects to running a business, from preparing contracts to rental fees, paying staff, retrenching staff, theft and much more. It’s far cheaper to have a lawyer standing by for your legal issues.

Legal Insurance companies in South Africa

Legal advice helps you deal with issues such as divorce, drawing up a will and so on. However, it’s also designed to help you deal with the costs involved in getting legal action in place.

The best way to get yourself a good attorney is on the advice of a business friend. Or you can check out the list of practising attorneys on the Internet. The Law Society in your province can also provide a list of attorneys practising in your area. You’ll be able to get an idea of the costs involved.

A competent Lawyer to Call upon

The law can get pretty complicated, and when you’re in doubt about any legal aspect, by paying a truly affordable premium each month, you can have the benefit of calling on an attorney for legal services and advice and with legal representation you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

All info was correct at time of publishing