Where Can I get Platinum Life Legal Cover?

What does Platinum Life legal cover benefits include?


  • Reliable, effective and quick to respond at affordable rates
  • Accessible to you providing you with a national legal network
  • Financially able to pay for your legal bills
  • Legal assistance and advice
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Services provided after-hours


Legal covers protect yourself, your significant other and your underage unmarried children (under 18 years of age). However, excluded are any over 18 year old children, live-in partners or fiancees.

Now you can now procure the services of an attorney at little cost by taking out a Platinum Life legal cover! Save R700 or more for a legal eagle of your own! And by calling us, you need not ever have to worry about Platinum Life Legal Coverlegal protection again.

Platinum Life Legal Assistance and Advice

This benefit offers legal advice over the phone, for an unlimited amount of time, during official business hours.

Provided by in-house, fully qualified legal advisors, this benefits allows them to communicate, on your behalf, with third parties as a way resolving you legal matter as amicably as possible.

Assistance and advice is available for the following legal matters:

  • Unfair dismissal and others forms of workplace problems
  • Car related matters such as accidents or claims by a third party
  • Property damage claims
  • Contractual disputes
  • Construction related matters
  • Body corporate or lease issues
  • Unfairly rejected medical cover claims
  • Wrongfully prosecuted criminal cases
  • … amongst others


Legal costs cover

First, your legal advisor wuill try resolve your dispute or legal matter out of court. But should this fail, your case will be go to an independent practicing lawyer (policy terms and conditions apply). At this point, Platinum Life will cover the expenses of your appointed attorney, to the stipulated maximum amount of the schedule of your Platinum Life legal cover policy.

Emergency services (offered after hours)

Should you or your covered family members find themselves arrested outside of official business hours, thus requiring a bail application urgently, Platinum Life assists in the following way:

An auto-assistant will take your after hours call. It will then pass you on to a professional legal assistant. Then legal representation will thereby be arranged, and the expenses being paid by your policy (depending on terms and conditions).

More from Platinum Law

Platinum Life offers such an affordable legal cover by excluding certain matters. And these include:

  • matters prior to your taking up a Platinum Life membership
  • marriage dissolution and maintenance
  • family matters and
  • criminal proceedings where no defence is entered to the charge.


As soon as you are aware of a potential legal dispute, please call Platinum immediately. Altogether ninety days is the maximum amount of time allowed by the Platinum Life legal cover policy between learning of your legal issue and reporting it to us.

And for the sake of expediency, have your information and documentation available and ready when you reach out to us.  Therefore, organising your facts logically helps us arrange for legal assistance as quickly as the situation warrants.

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