Why is Commercial Legal Insurance Necessary in South Africa?

Why do I need commercial legal insurance?

  • Unlimited, immediate telephonic opportunity to talk to qualified attorneys
  • Courtroom representation and professional advice access
  • Customised contracts, tailor made to your needs access. Also access to over 15 agreement types to choose from, such as trade restraint, confidential agreement, commercial lease, etc.
  • Legal review of your business access – a comprehensive analysis of your business to highlight either compliance or non-compliance to legal matters, identify legally risky areas and then how you can comply.


Significantly, commercial legal cover is an important facet to any business in South Africa. That is because it provides medium and small sized businesses cover for their legal expenses.

And this could apply whether the business is bringing suit, having a suit brought against them or business Commercial Legal Insuranceoperations related matters.

Commercial legal cover comprises of a legal review of a business. Lawyers then to identify legal compliance, capture non-compliance and seek to find any legally risky areas within a commercial entity.

Why is it important for small and medium sized commercial interests purchase business legal insurance?

Importantly, there are major benefits to commercial legal cover. At their infancy, many businesses struggle with legal matters, at times to large for them to handle. Expenses and costs rise significantly in the face of legal matters. Complying with the rules that govern various business operations can be quite taxing. Commercial or business legal cover offers this startup firms an insurance solution to their legal needs.

This insurance product leaves the legal to the professionals, so that they can concentrate of running their businesses.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that you have protection against most possible legal expenses and costs that can be as a result of labour unrest, criminal proceedings, enforcement of products or services delivery/contracts, as well as advice on the effective management of bad debt.

Santam Cover Premiums and Options

Business legal insurance to a maximum of R250 000 is available to you at affordable annual or monthly premiums worked out according to employee numbers and business size.

How does your enterprise qualify for enterprise legal insurance?

Enterprises of small to medium size with a turnover of R32 million or less are eligible for this insurance product.

On application, the documentation required will be:

  • A business account, at a bank, which is active
  • A company authorised representative (a citizen of South Africa who can produce ID with a green bar or a valid work permit)
  • The number of the commercial interest’s staff
  • The enterprise’s VAT and registration numbers
  • The business name


So how does one apply for business legal cover?

To begin the process of purchasing this key insurance product for SMEs, telephone 0860 102 725.

What is the Santam commercial legal insurance claim process?

  • Firstly, call 0860 777 878 for claim registration.
  • Be ready with your initials, surname, ID number and policy number.
  • You will be assigned a claim number after your claim is registered
  • Claim monitoring will be handled by a legal advisor, who will appoint a lawyer with your approval.


All info was correct at time of publishing