Bregman Moodley Attorneys

At Bregman Moodley Attorneys, they understand that you need a winning team on your side. They are passionate about the law and aim to provide all out clients a workable solution. The team may not pick the fights, but if someone does you wrong, they help you defend your rights.

They have a holistic practice that promotes fairness and resolution in a civil manner. They work towards the best solution for you – one that provides you with justice and some emotional healing.

Their first aim is to help you deal with disputes as quickly and effectively as possible. They don’t believe in padding the bill by wasting time on matters that don’t warrant it. Since 1974, they have operated on a simple principle – justice should be affordable to everyone.

Today they stand by that same principle and their clients appreciate them for it.

What Services Does Bregman Moodley Offer?

Bregman Moodley – Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Mediation

Bregman Moodley AttorneysGoing to court can be costly, so it is better to try and settle things before they reach that stage. The team at Bregman is highly skilled at mediation.

Bregman Moodley – Commercial Contracts

Drawing up a legal contract these days can be quite tricky. Which clauses do you include, which do you leave out? It can be confusing to determine. Mistakes here can be quite costly, so it is best to get this done professionally.

Bregman Moodley – Notarial Work and Conveyancing

The transfer of property is quite a process, especially if you don’t know the law. Again, this is another area where mistakes can be costly. Conveyancing must be left to an attorney as they know exactly which documents to file.

Bregman Moodley – Family Law

Getting married soon? You may want to consider getting an ante-nuptial contract drawn up. Maybe there has been some dispute over a will. Speak to the team and see what they can do for you.

Bregman Moodley – Labour Law

The South African labour laws are notoriously difficult to work your way through, and you can land yourself in hot water quite quickly as a result.

Whenever you have a new labour contract that needs to be drawn up, advice on how to deal with staff disputes, and a range of other issues, a great attorney can make all the difference.

Bregman Moodley – Litigation

The firm will represent you whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. If you wish to sue someone, the firm will let you know whether or not your case has real merit and if it is worth pursuing.

If you are being sued, the firm will advise you on what your options are and see if they can negotiate a suitable settlement for you.

Bregman Moodley – Liquidations

It is not a nice thing to admit, but sometimes you need to be able to start over with a clean slate financially. If your debts have gotten completely out of hand, you might qualify for liquidation.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

This is one area that a lot of people in this country completely ignore – estate planning. The consequences of dying intestate, however, are more serious than you might realize. Your money might not go to the people you want it to.

And, even if it does, it will take longer than it would have if you had a will.

For all your legal needs, give Bregman Moodley Attorneys a call.

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