Legal Cover for Business

7th December 2017

Where Can I Get Legal Cover for a Business in SA?

  • Scorpion Legal protection offer 6 legal insurance policies for businesses to choose from. These are:
  • And policy A – monthly premium of R87
  • Policy B – monthly premium of R45
  • Policy B – monthly premium of R45
  • The platinum A – monthly premium of R130
  • Platinum B – monthly premium of R78
  • Platinum C – monthly premium of R78

Legal insurance – What is it?

Basically, Scorpion legal cover for business is a product that protects you and your company from costly, unforeseen legal expenses.  Furthermore, these can be as a result of legal actions filed against you or any member of your core business.

Legal and medical covers are similar in that medical covers for unexpected medical bills. And this is achieved by one of our panel lawyers being engaged on your behalf on legal matters.

Business InsuranceTherefore, in addition to access to their panel attorneys, Scorpion Legal Protection also allows members access to a 7 days a week, 24 hour a day Legal Contact Center. That offers legal advice and assistance. You can also communicate with us through our Facebook page, or visit and/or call any branch of ours for the same services.

Core Cover and Benefits

By joining Scorpion, you get legal insurance benefits that are accessible to you in the event of a legal matter. And these are:

  • Court cover – ranging from R55 000 to R150 000
  • Legal cost cover for accidental death – lump sum amounts that ranges from R5 000 to R14 000
  • Legal assistance and advice – para-legal assistance and advice offered by our legal advisors
  • Specialist departments – particular types of cases are provided with specialist assistance
  • Help Desk for taxes – tax return submission assistance as well as other tax related matters
  • Legal Contact Center (accessible 24 hours a day) – telephone based paralegal assistance and advice at all times
  • Disability and retrenchment benefit – in the event of injury or being laid off from work and cannot pay your monthly payments, Scorpion covers your payments for up to a year
  • Legal Newsletter named Sting – for helpful legal promos, competitions, alerts and tips
  • 30 days guarantee or your money back – trial period of 30 days whereby you can opt out of policy if unhappy.

Additional benefits of legal insurance for business

  • Scorpion Wallet – Free
  • Include a parent and/or a parent in law. Importantly, you can add parental dependents on certain family policies at an addition fee. Only over 60 year old parents/parents-in-law maya pply.
  • Labour cover.  And for job related matters such as workplace discrimination, prejudicial limitation of trade agreements, pension payment disputes, discrimination, unfair demotion, unpaid wages, unfair retrenchments, unfair dismissals and biased labour practises.
  • Civil cover. Significantly you have cover for dispute between 2 people or more for example personal injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident, property damage (personal belongings, house or car), neighbour disputes, breach of agreement, insurance claims that are unfairly rejected and purchasing of faulty goods.
  • Also coverage extends to major and minor offences, although with limitations.
  • Administrative cover – representation when dealing with administrative bodies that may impact on your rights for example disciplinary action before a board or when a body enquires on your membership rights to belong.

All info was correct at time of publishing