Why get Clientele legal cover?

When you need legal aid on your side, Clientele legal cover is there for you –

  • Clientele legal cover is affordable.
  • You can take legal action with a qualified lawyer offering support.
  • You get access to great legal advice.
  • Your legal cover comes from a trusted source.
  • Clientele personal legal cover starts from as little as R150 a month

Clientele legal Cover and Why you need it

There are very few people who have the money to defend a legal action brought against them. Legal cover protects you in any situation where you may require a lawyer. There are many times where you may need legal advice, such as –

  • Being accused of a crime you never committed
  • Unfair dismissal from work
  • Getting money back from someone you loaned money to and who refuses to pay it back
  • A violent event where you’re assaulted
  • Defending yourself in a road incident


Take the Sting out of Legal Cover

Clientele Legal Cover

The cost of legal advice can be huge. Investing in legal cover is a wise move if you need to take legal action for any reason. For example, you can recover money you have to pay as a result of being in an accident where you were not at fault.

Add to that the benefit of having a free legal helpline, which can prove vital when faced with legal matters. Clientèle Legal cover offers you the means to enjoy their service. You get cover you can afford and your own lawyer.

Clientèle is a financial services group and one of South Africa’s leading distributors of financial service products. Over the past 20 years, it has supplied easy to grasp financial products to the public.

Personal legal Cover

Clientele offers Personal Cover from R150 a month and a range of legal services from R520 per month. Personal Cover gives you access to R150,000 worth of top legal advice each year and up to R1.5 million for life and also offers –

  • Protection against the effects of inflation on legal costs
  • A 24/7 legal emergency line
  • Extended family plans
  • A retrenchment benefit
  • A bail benefit up to R3 000
  • Civil and/or criminal labour related cover
  • Access to legal documents and contracts
  • Accidental death benefit for the main member
  • Optional accidental death benefit for spouse on some plans

Clientele legal Cover offers Hope for Those that Cannot afford Legal help

Clientele Legal CoverClientele legal cover is important because it’s affordable. It, therefore, provides hope to those who thought they could never afford legal assistance.

Nobody who runs a business in South African can afford to be without legal help. Businesses who try to go it alone without the help of legal experts often fail within the first year of starting out.

Instead of paying thousands of Rands just to see a lawyer, rather pay affordable monthly premiums. If you need an attorney, having a legal protection plan is wise. A legal expert will take care of everything, including all that complex documentation.

A monthly Premium can Spare you a Lot of Stress

Clientele knows that litigation can sink a business, that’s why it makes sense to partner with them. At least you and your business will be covered by their legal services. Indeed, it is a smart move to have the help of legal professionals on your side who offer a host of useful services

The Clientèle Legal Business Plan has been carefully put together to offer its services to a firm that is already established as well as a start-up business. It includes things such as labour issues, civil issues, retrenchments and more.

Who can believe that even something such as defamation in the workplace can become a legal issue? The law protects reputations and in fact, if you have had verbal abuse hurled at you, the law provides a right to compensation for damages to any person who has been defamed.

Legal Counsel is Required anytime

Clientele Legal Cover

You can’t be sure when you’ll require the services of a lawyer. Unexpected events can have you seeking legal counsel, from divorce, starting a new company, theft, buying or selling a house to instances of legal disputes.  It is true that lawyers don’t come cheap and you can sit with massive legal bills.

Legal insurance from Clientele, on the other hand, can be a useful product to have. It provides peace of mind that when the unexpected happens and you are facing legal action, you will be sufficiently prepared and not prone to do nothing because of being burdened by hefty lawyers’ fees.

An easy way to find excellent legal insurance is to keep these details of Clientele close at hand. Tel: +27 (0)11 320 3000 Fax: +27 (0)11 320 3133 E-mail: services@clientele.co.za. Legal Claims: +27 (0)86 000 4529 Legal Claims Email:customerservice@clientelelegal.co.za Legal Policies Email:services@clientelelegal.co.za.

Clientèle Office Park, Corner Rivonia and Alon Roads, Morningside, Johannesburg, 2196. Clientele’s premiums are affordable and their applications are easy.

You’ll enjoy the fact that there is very little paperwork to complete. Just fill in an online form or send them an SMS and they will get back to you and explain the terms and conditions in a professional, ethical manner and lead you to a whole lot of peace of mind.

All info was correct at time of publishing