The Benefits of Legal Insurance

Because of the country we live in and the high levels of crime. Legal insurance is becoming more sought after. It protects you against all the costs involved with the legal action. Here we will have a look at the benefits of legal insurance.

There are many companies offering legal insurance for a small monthly fee. And if you’ve never been involved in a  legal dispute, you may still want to benefit from the assistance of an attorney just to help you draw up a will or to help you recover money from someone you lent money to.

Depending on the premium you opt for you can get cover up to R150 000 for a dispute with a premium starting at less than R100 a month.

Every Business Needs Legal Insurance – Benefits of Legal Insurance

Benefits of Legal InsuranceBecause of the high crime rate in South Africa many employers and employers are using up work time to deal with legal concerns. It means that absenteeism, as well as limited job performance, is taking its toll on business.

Employers are starting to offer employees legal insurance benefits, but in the very litigious business environment, business owners know that employing staff goes hand in hand with legal exposure. Business owners and employers need cover against all kinds of allegations. The truth of the matter is everyone, and especially a company and employees need cover.

In response to this kind of scenario with the risks, businesses are facing. There are many legal insurance providers who can provide legal cover for a reasonable premium each month.

Some other benefits of legal insurance include

  • simply providing people with access to legal services for a small sum each month has a positive impact on people that extends into all areas of their lives.
  • Legal policies provide cover for you, your spouse and usually up to 4 dependent children under the age of 25.
  • you have immediate and also unlimited access to an experienced attorney online, on the phone or face-to-face.
  • you get advice on legal or labour matters. Regardless of whether the cause of action came about before or after the commencement of your policy.
  • just by having legal assistance from a professional. You can be sure of getting a more favourable legal outcome.
  • there can be adverse outcomes for a person battling along without legal assistance, resulting in unresolved legal problems. It can lead to frustration, distress, substance abuse, loss of employment and more. Not only that, all of these outcomes can lead to more costs in terms of medication and rehab.
  • Apart from legal assistance, you can also enjoy the services of a registered tax practitioner who specialises in providing tax advice for complicated tax-related issues.


Legal Assistance – Needed all our Lives

Every one of us will experience legal events in our lives. We could all benefit from a legal insurance plan, more so when legal insurance is so affordable – often being less than R150 a month.

Legal insurance isn’t only linked to criminal events but can be so beneficial when you adopt a child, you draw up a will or you want a curt letter of reminder sent to someone that the money they owe you is still outstanding.

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