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In South Africa, we all know about murder – it’s happening every day. South Africans feel frustration and anger daily and many lose control and take out their anger on others with disastrous consequences. Here we will have a look at MoneyShop and how its products can stabilise your life.

It is one thing when you actually did murder someone. But what about a wrongful charge of a crime? What if you possibly face prison because can’t afford to get an attorney to take on your case?

Being Accused can Put you out of Employment

MoneyShopA murder can put you in prison for many years and it will certainly affect your chances of future employment. If you’re accused of a murder you did or didn’t commit, the first thing would be to hire an attorney. The only problem though is that an attorney can be so expensive, you in all likelihood wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The simplest solution is to look at people like Moneyshop. They know how to come up with clever ways to make the most of your money every month.

They are a leading financial services interface in South Africa. They’ve got access to experts from a number of different industries, and they know how important it is to have good legal representation when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. By putting aside a certain amount of money each month, you can have legal help from legal professionals.

What is MoneyShop?

  • They are a subsidiary of Olico, an online and mobile distribution partner
  • Olico partners with the best financial services providers in South Africa
  • They have a free newsletter keeping customers up to date with financial information such as interest rate hikes
  • MoneyShop, for instance, will recommend that you seek out the services of reliable insurance providers such as Legal Wise or Hollard.


Legal Wise

LegalWise dates way back to the 1970’s. The aim of LegalWise is to provide South Africans with access to affordable justice with professional lawyers. These Legal Counsellors provide a wide range of legal services.

LegalWise has branches all across the country and their 24-hour LegalLine service means you have access to the law just whenever you need it, regardless of the plan you’re on. They offer different legal plans – Gold, GoldPlus and Platinum and their Gold Plan, the more affordable one is just R90 a month for up to R90 000 for legal fees for each case. The plan will also pay you a cash amount of R9 000 for legal expenses in the case of accidental death of the main member.


Hollard is a huge privately owned insurance group which was established in 1980. The group provides investment products as well as short-term and life insurance to a large customer base. Hollard’s legal plan protects you against civil-, criminal- or labour matters you may be facing.

Their other legal benefits include legal advice, free letter of demand, free 30-minute legal consultation and free standard legal documents. You can get legal cover from Hollard for R120 a month. Get R120 000 cover and have your spouse and children covered.

Affordable Legal Assistance Throughout Life

Many people aren’t good at managing their money. But that’s ok because there are tips and advice how to make the best of your money. Even small improvements can have an impact over time.

MoneyShop has got valuable information on how, by spending a small sum of money each month, you can benefit from the assistance of a professional lawyer throughout your entire life.


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