Cheap Legal Solutions with Workers Life

28th April 2018

Buying or selling a home, starting a business, going through a divorce or wanting to prepare a will – throughout life, we’re going to be requiring the services of a lawyer. You can get cheap legal cover with Workers Life.

People are inclined to think that legal services are essential to do with crime, but there are so many other reasons why we could use the assistance of a lawyer.

Many people have experienced an injury at work for instance because of carelessness, and have wanted to know how to proceed with filing a case.

They may have discovered that consulting with an attorney is regrettable, not because of anything else but the sheer cost of it. Yes, these attorneys are reliable experts but the costs involved make it that you no longer wish to press charges.

On the other hand, paying a small premium every month of less than R100 can ensure you have your case seen to.

Legal Assistance from Workers life

Workers Life

  • They are a financial services group who started out in 1996.
  • They provide long- and short-term insurance solutions to South Africans
  • Workerslife are registered with the Financial Services Board
  • Popcru Legal – cover for R90 a month for R100 000 Comprehensive Legal cover per family each year. Covers criminal charges, contravention of law, bail applications, criminal matters as well as criminal proceedings against the insured.
    Who qualifies? Popcru members over the age of 28, for the main member, spouse, children under the age of 25 who are studying and unmarried.
  • Comprehensive Legal – you get the Gold Option and Prestige Option. You can get up to R120 000 cover.
  • For R122 per month. Covers contravention of law, bail applications, criminal charges, criminal proceedings and criminal matters.


Gold Option 

R122pm and up to R120 000 legal cover per annum. The cover is for –

  • wills
  • standard agreement
  • labour matters
  • conveyancing
  • accident protect
  • bail benefit
  • conveyancing
  • accident protect
  • custody
  • administration of deceased estates


Prestige Option

R165pm and up to R150 000 legal cover per annum. The cover is for –

  • criminal, civil-, labour and administrative matters
  • legal advice
  • wills
  • custody
  • standard agreement
  • maintenance matters
  • divorce
  • pothole protect
  • accident protect
  • fines protect
  • conveyancing
  • bail benefit


There are so many reasons you might desperately need legal cover, and by paying a small sum each month, you can have a professional lawyer fighting for your cause. If you’ve been assaulted, you’ve been unfairly dismissed from your job, you’ve done work for which you haven’t been paid or your reputation is at stake because of damaging and untrue rumours about you, you’ll need legal help.

Legal help from an attorney can be so expensive you never see justice. On the other hand, with Workers life you have access to affordable coverage. You pay a small premium each month. The cover is tailored to your needs, including the legal cover, life insurance and funeral cover and life insurance.

Why not call them or fill in their ‘Call Me Back’ form on their website? They’ve got a legal plan for you that can get you out of a sticky legal tangle.


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All info was correct at time of publishing