Access to Affordable Legal Help with Legal and Tax

There are so many reasons why you might want the services of a lawyer, and it doesn’t only mean helping you out of a crime situation. Here we will have a look legal cover from Legal and Tax.

You may require a lawyer to help you with drafting a contract, for child maintenance or to prepare a will or to make sure that you have adequate protection for your loved ones.

If you are in trouble with the law and you see the services of an attorney. You’re going to wish you’d never hired one when you’re handed the bill. Imagine being faced with a legal dilemma and you’re able to get legal help right away on the phone to guide you on how to proceed.

Such personalised help is accessible to you through Legal and Tax, a premium-based legal service.

For a monthly fee, members who sign up with Legal&Tax are given access to advise from highly qualified lawyers as well as help from debt counsellors and tax managers.

Who is this Legal and Tax?

Legal and Tax


  • They are an authorised financial services provider
  • They started out in 1998
  • Also, they offer both legal and funeral insurance cover
  • For a reasonable premium each month they put legal help in the hands of consumers
  • Legal & Tax offers 4 legal plans to choose from –
  • Pocket+ – R96 a month and up to R1000 cover for each case
  • Gold – R130 a month and up to R175 000 cover for each case
  • Prestige – R170 a month and up to R220 000 cover for each case
  • Prestige+ – R266 a month and up to R300 000 cover per case
  • Each of the plans offers legal advice and assistance as well as debt assist
  • Also, each of the plans offers a Retrenchment benefit
  • Each plan has an after-hours bail application
  • Some offer tax advice.
  • The two more expensive plans offer TeleTeacher
  • The Prestige+ Plan offers uncontested Divorce after 6 months of consecutive payments
  • Their lawyers will represent you in court for Labour Matters such as sexual harassment, retrenchment and unfair dismissal.
  • Two of the plans offer Trauma Assist – this is for when you or a family member are the victims of a medical emergency, and then help is a phone call away to their 24-hour emergency call centre. The call centre is run by professionally trained crisis managers.
  • They’ll represent you in court for civil matters such as if you need to sue.
  • They’ll represent you in court for Criminal Acts if you have a valid defence such as when you have been assaulted or arrested unlawfully.



With lawyers’ fees capable of costing you tens of thousands of Rands, legal insurance, where you pay an affordable amount each month, is seriously a worthwhile product. Legal and Tax members will have access to legal advice from professional lawyers.

Legal & Tax is an authorised financial services provider, and with them, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that when you need it most, you’ll have financial assistance with getting expert legal help.


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All info was correct at time of publishing