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Many people don’t even bother to think about committing a crime – they just do it without realising they are actually forfeiting their freedom by stealing, hijacking or handling illegal narcotics. Here we will have a look at Lipco Law.

Your life can change in an instant when you find yourself with the wrong people and you’re arrested for some or other crime.

In cases such as this, it will require the expertise and skill of good lawyers to lead you through the complexities of crime and the law. When you contact Lipco Law for All you can get the help you need because tackling the law yourself can actually jeopardize your freedom.

Don’t Face the Law on your Own

Lipco LawLipco Law have you covered for whatever legal problem you’re faced with. With them, you don’t have to face criminal charges on your own and you can have your rights protected and get the best representation possible. They know how to apply a certain law to a certain set of circumstances.

For most people, hiring a lawyer is out of the question as its just way to expensive. But by paying a small premium each month, it becomes possible. So Lipco Law for All offers affordable legal advice and legal protection. Also, you can protect your legal rights from just R99.87 a month. They offer 3 plan choices, and the Gold is their cheapest plan.

Their 3 plans are –

  • Gold
  • Classic
  • PlatinumPlus


The Gold Plan from Lipco Law covers

  • you and your spouse and 4 children under the age of 21
  • free legal and labour advice immediately
  • medication benefit – free informal mediation and assistance
  • drafting of certain contracts
  • litigation R90 000
  • Unopposed divorces up to R10 000
  • Defence in criminal matters
  • Bail applications
  • Civil matters
  • Discount on transfer and bond registration fees
  • Extended family plan
  • 24 hours legal emergency line


The Platinum Cover is R170.48 p/m for R170 000 cover and has its own set of legal benefits.

So with each of these plans, you can get started with legal advice cover with their easy online application form. With each of the plans, you benefit from some key features –

  • 24-hour telephonic legal advice line
  • countrywide offices
  • the covering of litigation costs according to terms and conditions in the policy
  • Lipco employs in-house lawyers
  • advise on legal matters


Platinum Plus Plan

  • Cover for you, your spouse and 4 dependent children under the age of 27 years.
  • Basic Benefit  with immediate free legal and labour advice
  • Medication Benefit – free informal mediation, drafting of certain contracts
  • The extent of Benefits – unlimited medication and litigation of R230 000


Litigation Benefit

  • Defence in criminal matters
  • Civil matters
  • Bail applications
  • Divorces
  • Defence in disciplinary hearings
  • Maintenance representations
  • Defamation
  • Registration of antenuptial agreement
  • A recession of a Magistrate Court judgement
  • Arbitration & Labour Court help
  • Discount of 40-60% on transfer & bond registration fee
  • Domestic Violence
  • Value Added Benefits
  • Tax Benefits
  • Extended Family Plan
  • Bail Cover
  • Estate Assist
  • Retrenchment benefit
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Credit checks and debt review


Legal Cover isn’t only for Crime

The plans that Lipco Law for All offers policyholders. As well as their selected beneficiaries, don’t only offer peace of mind, but value for money too. So policyholders pay a small monthly premium and have access to excellent legal insurance which they can use throughout life.

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