Clientele Legal Insurance

It can be too terrible needing legal help urgently and not being able to afford the cost of a lawyer. Here we will have a look at Clientele legal insurance.

Of course, not every legal matter is going to require the use of an attorney. You’re going to want the advice of an experienced lawyer to get you out of a sticky situation. There are however some legal instances when you’re not going to be able to go it alone.

Without legal services at an affordable amount each month, a good legal representation can be out of your reach.

Legal Services for those who Don’t Understand Legal Procedures

The law is complicated and most people don’t know how to handle legal procedures. Not only that, incorrect filing can see your case being thrown out altogether. If the other party had legal representation you’re fighting a lost cause.

For a small sum of money paid each month, you can always rely on sound legal help from professional lawyers.

Clientele offers this legal advice. They are a financial services group and a leading distributor of financial service products in South Africa. With Clientele –

Clientele Legal Insurance


  • you pay only R165 per month for the Standard Legal Plan. For the Classic Legal Plan, you’ll pay R200 a month. Of the 3 different Extended Family Legal Plans, you’ll pay R230-, R285 and R315 a month.
  • you have access to R165,000 worth of legal services each year
  • legal plans cover you, your spouse and children up to the age of 21 if they are students
  • you get cover against civil-, criminal- and labour matters
  • access to personalised legal contracts and documents
  • legal plans include a Bail benefit
  • you get a Retrenchment benefit
  • you have access to a 24-hour legal emergency line. The line is operated by qualified lawyers
  • you can also find extended family plans
  • you get protection against inflation on legal costs
  • there is an option Accidental Death Benefit for your spouse


The Different Plans From Clientele Legal Insurance

Clientele legal insurance also offers a range of legal business services from R520 per month. Clientele’s legal business plan can protect your business with the management of legal risks. The business plan is designed to provide legal protection in civil- and labour matters as well as commercial contracts and debt collection.

If you want to know how much legal services you require, Clientele offers a legal comparison site for you to compare legal plans.

You can choose between their –

  • Standard Legal Plan which offers annual cover of R165,000.
  • Classic Legal Plan
  • Three different Extended Family Legal Plans. The more extensive Extended Family Legal Plan offers annual cover of R415,000.
  • For instance, you’ll notice that the Standard Plan provides cover for a maximum of 2 Extended Family Members, while the more extensive Extended Family Legal Plan makes provision for a maximum of 6 extended family members.


Clientèle Legal is giving you the means to get excellent legal services for you and your family for when you have that day in court. Their legal cover is inexpensive and its an affordable way to have access to a qualified lawyer. Fill in their online quote and they’ll call you back to get help with your legal services.


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