Making Legal Cover Claims

What do I need to know about making legal cover claims? 

  • Are you eligible to make a claim?
  • Claims lodging procedure
  • Who assesses the claim and how?


To access the benefits in Clientele’s legal cover, you will need to lodge a claim. Ideally this will happen when an issue arises that either warrants legal advice or representation in a court of law.

Make sure you complete all the paperwork as required. Do not hesitate to ask questions of Clientele if you are confused by the Clientele claim application form.

Am I eligible to lodge a claim?

Of course, you can make a claim on the cover if you are the principal member. You also can if your Legal Cover Claimsspouse is the principal member or if you are a dependent child of the principal member aged below 21.

How to lodge legal cover claims

You can lodge a claim via:

  • Telephone: You can call 0860 004 529 at any time of day, seven days a week. It is Clientele’s claims line exclusively and is not for other kinds of queries.
  • Email: Shoot an email to soon as the need to make a claim arises.
  • Faxing a written claim to 011 320 3362.
  • On site: You can fill the form provided on the claims page of Clientele’s website. You will have to give some personal details, including your email address and specify that you’re making a legal claim.

One way or another you are going to get involved with paperwork and admin. It is an unfortunate part of claiming against any insurance policy. So just take your time, work step by step and make sure you supply all the information and other documents as required.

Claim assessment

When your claim is received, it will be reviewed in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the policy document. This is the work of Clientele’s legal claims department.

All info was correct at time of publishing