Finding Good Legal Services in South Africa

Where to get Good Legal Services?

  1. You can source excellent lawyers online
  2. Choose lawyers who are a member of the Law Society of South Africa
  3. There is free legal advice available online and from professional lawyers from Legal Aid
  4. Do a Means Test so see whether you qualify for legal services from Legal Aid South Africa
  5. For a monthly premium you can get good legal services from a Legal Advice office

We’ll all need Legal Services at Some Time

Legal advice is inevitably needed by everyone of us at some time and certainly by a business in South Africa. Having good legal services are a preventative measure against potential lawsuits. A good, skilled lawyer is knowledgeable and is an expert regarding the law and how it affects our very lives. If you need legal advice and services, you can source excellent lawyers online.

Finding Good Legal Services in South AfricaIt is important to choose a lawyer who has the special expertise in the area of law you are interested in. Lawyers are qualified to practice law and offer legal services covering a wide range of matters. Some of these lawyers specialise in one or two areas of law and then they might be better able to help you with your particular legal issue.

Make Sure Legal Services come from a Reputable Source

Whatever lawyer you choose, you want to be sure that they are a member of a reputable law organisation as this means you can have confidence that they have the relevant expertise in legal practice.
Look out for this accreditation, as these are lawyers best trusted to help you. Attorneys in South Africa need to become members of the Law Society of SA in order to practise. This Society provides control over legal practices. You know lawyers who are members of this Society have to abide by certain ethical- and professional standards.

Only lawyers who belong to such a regulating body should be helping you and you can often look at what feedback they have had from other people who have made use of their services.

Legal Services are Available to the Poor

There are some lawyers in South Africa who offer free legal services to the poor and then there are private lawyers. It is a good idea, when using a private lawyers, to get an idea of their pricing structure for their legal services, so you know more or less what you’ll be paying for their services.

This is important as it will allow you to know whether you can go ahead with their services because the price is right. Certainly, getting legal advice is important as soon as possible so that the problem doesn’t escalate and cost you even more.

Online Legal Advice Available to You 24/7

The beauty about online legal services is that they offer comprehensive explanations of the specific questions being asked and they also define some of the legal terms they use. Take a look at for instance, who assist clients by putting them in touch with the most suitable lawyer or attorney.

As part of their network, they have certain firms that specialise in different fields of law. The way it works is that the client submits a request to them and will receive an SMS or email notification that their request has been received. The assigned law firm will then contact you within 60 minutes.

Such a web based marketing recourse for clients is an excellent way to get legal related services. While lawyers-online doesn’t charge a fee, legal costs will have to be discussed between you and the attorney and differs from firm to firm.

Legal Advice Office

If you have a legal problem, the Legal Advice Office is another option, offering affordable Legal Advice as well as Legal and Paralegal Services. These legal services are provided throughout South Africa. Their legal services are based on their more than 40 years of experience in the legal field.

You won’t find attorneys here – these are legal consultants, legal advisors and paralegal practitioners. When necessary, they use their own appointed panel attorneys. This legal advice office has been operating since 2004 and continues with an excellent track record. Fees for their advice services vary and can be anything between R100 to 1000 per matter. It all depends of the nature of the legal issues.

Some people are so adept working online, they scarcely know how to create legal documents away from the Internet. The benefit of creating these legal documents online is that the cost is significantly less.

Lawyers too, are interested in knowing how technology can help them.  Legal services making use of the Internet has opened up a new way of attending to legal matters. These online Legal Services are innovative and are manned by lawyers, either full-time or part-time.

You’ll find that these online law services have client care teams too who deal with all the online inquiries. They know too well the law is something you dare not get wrong and that customers don’t want legal services that aren’t of the highest quality.

Cost is Always an Overriding Factor

Factors to take into account when choosing an online legal service include cost, but also delivery time. Some online legal services will hand over your documents to a paralegal for reviewing while others make provision for you to get legal advice from real lawyers.

For instance you may have been putting off making a Will, but some legal online services allow you to create a Will free of charge. Once you’ve provided the online service provider with your email address and created a password the process takes just a few minutes. They add in other useful services too such as alerting those you choose to add an executor and guardians.

Despite the advent of Google, people still rely on more traditional ways to find legal advice. They do this through recommendations and referrals.

Hosts of Ways to Attend to Legal Matters

In South Africa, you can use any number of web sites which provide advice and services on how to attend to routine legal matters. There is a wide range of services available, everything from creating a living trust, to forming a business to divorce.

These websites also offer details of where to find the best lawyers. Before going online for legal services, make sure the web site and information is legitimate. You can find yourself in deep waters if you incorrectly draw up your own contracts.  While online legal information and services are fine, nothing replaces getting good legal services face to face from a legal professional.

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