Legal Wise Subscription-Based Legal Services

Why Choose Legal Wise for Subscription-based Legal Services?

  1. LegalWise are experience – they’ve been operating since the late 1970’s
  2. The founder has been a Legal Aid employee and knows the importance of free- or affordable legal cover
  3. Their aim is to provide fair and affordable access to justice and quality legal assistance
  4. Their professional Legal Counsellors provide a full range of legal services
  5. They deliver services face-to-face from their many branches countrywide
  6. They offer their 24 hour Legal line every day of the year


There’s Plenty of Legal Advice Available

Today in South Africa we have no shortage of legal advice. There are plenty of legal websites which offer free legal advice. You also get free legal assistance from Legal Aid South Africa, a free legal assistance programme funded by the state. Then you get Legal Wise, where if you are earning a reasonable salary, you can benefit from excellent legal assistance for a truly affordable sum of money paid each month.

There are many South Africans looking for legal help which tackles everyday civil matters such as Legal Wisedomestic violence and divorce cases. To have access to this free legal assistance you will need to complete a ‘means test’ to prove that you earn below a certain threshold – R5 500 a month.

If your salary is more than this amount, then you can’t make use of free legal services. You will need to find a good, affordable lawyer and pay for their services.

Paying an Affordable Monthly Premium

If you’re earning more than R5 500 a month, then you want to be looking at good legal insurance, which isn’t a free service. You will be paying a monthly premium in exchange for legal services.

If you’re thinking that this is the way to go, make sure you get the right cover as there are good law companies and bad ones. This means you need to do a bit of research with the terms and conditions laid out and find out exactly what they offer. You want to know precisely what the law company can do for you.
Certainly, good legal help is made more accessible through LegalWise, who offer a subscription-based legal service. With their reasonably priced monthly premiums, LegalWise aims to put quality legal assistance in the hands of consumers.  Everyone who is earning can benefit from the services of LegaWise.

Who is this Legal Wise?

They’re not new to the legal industry which means you can trust their expertise as they’ve been around for some time. They also happen to be the only African member of the international association of legal protection insurers. This organisation is referred to as RIAD, which was founded in 1960 and which represents some 60 organisations worldwide.

LegalWise started out way back in the 1970s already, with the founder of LegalWise, Zak Crafford, realising the desperate need for affordable legal cover for South Africans. He himself, was a legal aid employee and is well acquainted with helping South Africans have access to legal assistance without having to break the bank.









Today, LegalWise grants South Africans access to fair, affordable access to justice. It provides them with the opportunity to have access to an experienced lawyer. Those who sign up with LegalAid have the power to enforce their rights through professional legal representation.

LegalWise say that if you become caught up in any kind of legal dispute, they want to offer sound legal counselling and cover benefits specific to each client’s needs, and always at affordable rates.

Legal Counsel

LegalWise has professional Legal Counsellors working in their offices and these professionals offer a wide range of legal services. They  review and assess your unique situation and then refer you to their experienced panel of attorneys. This is if your case requires court proceedings. They provide legal help- or legal counselling by way of a face-to-face visit. They have branches countrywide, making their legal assistance accessible to everyone, wherever they are in the country.

LegalWise also have a 24 hour LegalLine which provides constant access around the clock every day of the year to their members. These members are generally earners and come from all walks of life. They make sure that they give these members the right to justice regardless of who they are.  They simply provide their members with –

• legal power
• fast, effective legal solutions
• comprehensive legal cover which is fair for all
LegalWise offers its members 3 Legal Plans –

►Gold Plan – R90 a month and up to R90 000 for legal fees for each case
R9 000 cash pay-out for legal expenses in the case of accidental death of main member

►GoldPlus – R135 per month and up to R135 000 for legal fees for each case

►Platinum – R220 per month and up to R220 000 for legal fees for each case

LegalWise Benefits

Let’s have a look briefly at what you get for the very affordable R90 a month premium –

  • para-legal services and access to their legal counsellors
  • branches countryside with 24/7 access via their Legal-line
  • web- and email legal assistance
  • extended para-legal services – debt services, family services and other civil services such as mediation
  • insurance benefits up to R275 000
  • your family is also covered
  • you get cover for civil, criminal and labour cases
  • subscribers have access to the LegalWise network of more than 300 legal firms
  • you also have the option to choose a lawyer who isn’t part of the LegalWise Network
  • with this Legal Plan there is a 3 month waiting period and exclusions. The exclusions are for things such as defamation, business activities, matters around marriage as well as other issues which arose before you joined Legal Wise.
  • you pay no premiums for 6 months if you are disabled temporarily


They will Defend Your Rights

With Legal Wise branches dotted all around the countryside, LegalWise is also an affordable way to have a lawyer fighting for you when the time comes.

Members who sign up with LegalWise  appreciate that the company has a panel of highly experienced attorneys and between them and you, you’ll have the power to defend your rights without having to find a huge sum of money that you simply don’t have.

All info was correct at time of publishing