Clientele Legal Services Products in South Africa

What does Clientele Legal Services offer?


  • Legal cover for individuals and families
  • Legal insurance for businesses
  • Benefits of Clientele’s personal legal cover
  • Clientele legal services for business
  • Legal cover claims process
  • What policyholders think of Clientele legal cover


Clientele personal legal cover

Clientele has a range of plans to cater to the needs of different families individuals and families. You can get legal cover worth up to R150,000 with Clientele for a monthly premium of just R150.

The cover is available for you as the main member, your spouse and children not older than 21 years of age. Extended plans for other family members are available as well. With this cover, you are sure you will Clientele Legal Servicesbe able to afford legal services whenever you need them. Even if legal fees rise due to inflation, you won’t need to worry.

The legal cover offered by this firm will be available to cover you in labour-related, criminal and civil proceedings. Besides representation in court for such matters, members and beneficiaries of this policy will have access to a 24-hour emergency legal helpline. Highly qualified legal practitioners and lawyers operate the phone lines. In addition to this, you get help in drafting personalised legal documents and agreements.

Bail benefit is one of the unique benefits of Clientele’s personal legal cover. This assures you of up to R30,000 in bail in the event you are apprehended for a minor crime.

Among the other benefits of this kind of cover for families is the retrenchment benefit. Here you continue to enjoy legal cover even after you have lost your source of income due to retrenchment.

You can also subscribe for an accidental death benefit for your spouse under this policy of you can pay a slightly higher premium.

Legal cover for businesses

Clientele’s business legal cover is aimed at addressing the legal needs of small and medium-size enterprises. This cover is important in helping them manage their business risks as well as draft the contracts that are vital to most business deals.

As a member of this policy, you will get legal guidance and advice for civil and labour matters. The cover will come in handy in dealing with debt collection issues.

Clientele Legal Services claims process 

The claims procedure for Clientele legal insurance members is simple. You only need to send a fax or email them their customer service address. You can also reach them via their 24-hour emergency line.

Testimonials from clients 

There are many people who have expressed gratitude for how Clientele’s legal cover bailed them out. One FarhanaAliass was able to seek redress for a work-related incident even though she wouldn’t have been able to afford the legal fees. Shad Ketise was able to win a case against one of the country’s most renowned banks after she became the victim of ATM fraudsters. 

These are just two of the many people Clientele has helped get legal redress they otherwise would have been unable to afford.

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