Why Choose Legal Insurance for Business from Santam?

In this article, we will have a look at why you should invest in legal insurance for business.

  • Santam has about 100 years of insurance experience.
  • Santam puts together business advice from experts to support your business
  • Alos, Santam is there for you 24/7 and you can call them on 0860 505 911 for emergencies.
  • You can trust Santam – they are a trusted, leading general insurer in South Africa
  • Santam offers multi-product and multichannel distribution offerings to ensure comprehensive cover with value-add products.


Your Business is Exposed to Many Risks – Legal Insurance for Business

Whether you’re a one-man business or a huge organization, your business will be exposed to all kinds of risks.

People often wonder how a one-man business can possibly benefit from legal cover, but it can.  If a disaster were to strike such a small business, operations would come to an abrupt end. Business interruption insurance, on the other hand, compensates a business for lost income when a catastrophe strikes.

Santam offers legal cover. They like to offer financial services products which they believe are easy and effective for their clients. To apply for business legal cover from Santam, provide them with –

  • the name of your business
  • the number of employees you have
  • your registration and VAT number
  • your business bank account
  • the name of a representative of the company with a green bar-coded ID.


Legal Insurance For BusinessTypes of Legal Insurance for Business

Santam knows that by having the right insurance in place, a business can steer clear of huge financial loss because of a lawsuit.  Businesses have access to different kinds of insurance types, such as professional liability insurance, theft cover, fire, flood and storm cover, workers compensation insurance and property insurance, among others.

What can Santam offer you in terms of protecting your business –

  • They are a leading general insurer in South Africa who offer affordable legal insurance.
  • They help small- and medium-sized businesses to be compliant with legal issues.
  • Businesses can apply for legal insurance if their turnover is up to R32 million.
  • Sanlam offers a business legal review, providing an analysis of your company’s compliance.
  • You’ll get telephonic access to qualified lawyers around the clock, night and day.
  • You’ll get access to professional advice as well as legal representation in court.
  • Cover of up to R250 000 when you pay your premiums.
  • Your business will be protected from the costs involved with legal disputes.
  • Your business is protected against legal costs and expenses from labour disputes


Santam protects your electronic equipment. Personal Accident cover for injury at work. Santam protects your property against damage, theft, fixtures and fittings. Santam even protects your money, covering the loss of cash on the premises as well as money in transit to the bank.

Useful Information on your Business from SME Owners and Managers

Santam also offers advice and insight on how to run a business successfully and this information comes from SME owners and managers. So Santam knows that selecting the right insurance for your business can be difficult and that there are certain risks that businesses share.

Santam has made selecting the right insurance for you simpler and they’ve created an interactive tool to highlight the different types of risk your business could face and the solutions that Santam can offer you.


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