Why Choose Hollard Legal Plans?

People are angry these days, and if it’s not dealing with road rage every day, it’s angry workers striking because they’re dissatisfied. Hollard legal plans are some of the best out there, so why choose Hollard Legal plans?

  • The plans come from a well-established insurance group
  • Hollard has been operating since 1980 so they have experience
  • They offer assistance with civil-, criminal- and labour matters
  • You get legal advice from skilled professional lawyers
  • They offer affordability and their legal plans start from a mere R60 a month


Hollard Legal Plans

Legal Disputes constantly Flaring Up

In South Africa, legal disputes can flare up anywhere, anytime and the legal processes that follow as well as the expenses can be horrific. Businesses too, often have to deal with legal expenses with disgruntled workers, and apart from them having general liability insurance, they may need more legal cover as sometimes these policies are insufficient.

To protect themselves, South African businesses are buying additional insurance to protect themselves from legal action. But the question arises, ‘where do you get adequate and decent legal cover? Hollard legal cover is a good choice. They are South Africa’s biggest privately-owned insurance group.

Hollard Legal Plans – Experience and Longevity on their Side

The fact that they were established in 1980 speaks of excellence and longevity as the provide short-term and life insurance as well as investment products.

When you start doing research on Hollard’s legal plans you’ll find that they offer assistance with –

  • civil matters for the likes of motor accidents
  • criminal matters such as fraud, murder, assault
  • labour matters such as unfair dismissals, disciplinary hearings

With Hollard, each of the plans offers you –

  • Legal advice
  • Plans are extended for the policyholder, their partner and children
  • Retrenchment benefit – this is a useful service because if you find yourself retrenched if you’ve had legal insurance with Hollard for more than 12 months, you’ll get a 6-month grace cover. This means that if you don’t pay for 6 months, your cover continues unhindered.
  • You can get advice from qualified legal experts telephonically or electronically
  • The lawyers can allow you access to documents such as lease agreements
  • You get help with drawing up ante-nuptial contracts and drafting a Will
  • Legal advice for uncontested divorce
  • Free property valuation from RatesWatch


Hollard offers 5 different levels of cover –

  • for R50 or R60 a month you get R60 000 and R70 000 legal cover with includes a funeral plan benefit
  • for R120 per month, you can get R120 000 worth of legal cover
  • R130 a month gets you R150 000 worth of legal cover
  • R150 000 a month gets you R200 000 worth of legal cover


With Hollard, there is a 3 month waiting period from the start of the policy.

Why Choose Hollard Legal plans?

Hollard believes that none of their excellent services and products can be of value without the supportive culture they rely on. This culture is known as ‘The Hollard Way’ – a culture where they believe in delivering and getting the thing done in a win-win way.

Hollard simply challenges their clients to hold them to the highest standards and to allow them to deliver.


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All info was correct at time of publishing