Who can offer Simple and Affordable Legal Cover?

Did you know that there is simple and affordable legal cover out there? Today, we will be having a look at who can offer you simple and affordable legal cover that you need.

  • A Reputable legal Company such as Legal&Tax.
  • They’re not new to the industry as they were started in 1998.
  • They offer both legal- and tax services.
  • Legal and Tax offers access to qualified legal- and tax advisors.
  • Legal and Tax offers different legal plans to cater for different budgets.


So legal cover is optional. It gives you access to legal representation when you come up against a legal dispute with someone. It can be a relief when you want to see justice that you have access to professional advice.

A bonus is finding a legal company that offers you affordable legal cover as well as assistance with your tax.

Which company does that? Legal & Tax.

Who is this Legal and Tax? – Simple and Affordable

Simple And Affordable

  • They started doing business in 1998
  • They are a subscription based service who like to think of themselves as your lifelong companion. And they are a source of reliable help in your hour of need.
  • Also, they are the only legal insurance company in South Africa who offer both legal- and tax services.
  • Once you sign up with Legal&Tax, you benefit from instant access to a team of qualified legal- and tax advisors.


Apart from providing clients with the best legal advice, Legal&Tax also ensure clients have all the latest and best information and documentation to take on life’s challenges.

There are so many times when you will need legal cover such as damage to property, contractual disputes, personal injury or wrongful death, motor accidents, medical aid claims, body corporate complaints, and more.

Legal & Tax offer you 4 different legal plans –

  • Pocket + for R96 a month you get up to R100 000 per case towards legal fees
  • Gold – for R130 a month you get R175 000 towards legal feest5
  • Prestige – for R220 a month get R220 000 per case
  • Prestige + – with this plan you pay R266 a month and get up to R300 000 towards legal fees


We’re going to look at the Legal&Tax Pocket Plan as it is quite possibly the one that most appeals to cash-strapped South Africans. This legal plan from Legal and Tax is just R96 a month.

The other plans cost a bit more, and therefore you’ll get more from them. This plan, however, offers plenty of excellent legal assistance from a team of qualified lawyers who are always there for you.

They offer advice on legal matters, you can benefit from face-to-face consultations in their Johannesburg branch and they will communicate with other parties on your behalf.

With this simple and affordable legal ‘Pocket’ plan from Legal and Tax, you’ll also get –

  • Trauma Assist in times of trauma, when you join, you will get an SMS which you need to save to speed dial. You can use this in an emergency by pressing the button on your phone and having a crisis manager call you within 30 seconds.
  • Debt Assist – so many South Africans are in debt, but with Legal&Tax, who have professional debt helpers, they will help you by making better plans for your debt. With this kind of help, you can ensure your repayments are affordable to you and also manageable for the future.
  • After-Hours Emergency Service – with this service, if you happen to be arrested after hours, Legal&Tax will get a lawyer to you.
  • Retrenchment Benefit – once you’ve been retrenched, you get 6 months free premiums. To benefit from this, your premiums must be fully paid.


When you need a lawyer, it can be amazing to know that for as little as R96 a month you can get expert legal advice from Legal&Tax over the phone when you need it as well as a host of other useful services so that nobody gets the better of you.


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All info was correct at time of publishing