Why you need legal advice for a contract.

We all know that any contracts we may sign are legal and binding in a court of law. That’s why it is vital to get legal advice for a contract.

You can run into all kinds of costly problems without legal advice, the benefits are –

  • A lawyers advice can guide you to taking the correct course of action
  • Property is a massive investment and you need a lawyer experienced in South African property law
  • A lawyer understands matters relating to ownership that you may not know about
  • Instructions on how to phrase terms in a legal document to avoid misinterpretation is also key

Legal advice for a Contract is Vital as Law is Part of the Fabric of Society 

All through life you’re going to need legal advice as there will always be people who have issues with you. Legal advice comes in many forms and you can even access advice online. A skilled lawyer need not cost a fortune anymore. Free legal advice is available or at a very affordable rate that you can benefit from.

You need Legal advice in Areas such as –

  • Constitutional
  • Criminal
  • Administrative
  • Property
  • Company
  • Common
  • Family
  • Environmental
  • Insolvency
  • Labour law – and more

Parliament is the law-making body of South Africa, and they pass new laws and also cancel old laws. Houses of Parliament, the National Assembly as well as the  National Council of Provinces are all involved in making laws. The law is a system of rules that regulate human conduct.

Legal advice for a contractDo you Know what a Legal contract Requires?

You want to make sure that the legal advice for a contract comes from a lawyer who is qualified. You need to know what you’re agreeing to when you enter into a contract with someone.

If you don’t know the law, you want good, solid legal advice from a legit source. There are a number of things a contract has to include to be valid and not everyone is able to enter into contracts.

Many people don’t even understand that a contract doesn’t have to be written to be legal and that verbal contracts are also valid. They are, however, more difficult to prove in court if they are broken.

Legal contracts are Part of Life

Legal advice is important because legal contracts are part of life. You enter into one when you borrow money from a bank or buy a contract cell phone. If you have an agreement with someone and they don’t stick to the terms of the contract, this is when you will want legal advice.

Legal advice for a contractIt is illegal for someone who isn’t a lawyer or an attorney with no licence to offer legal advice or represent you in a court of law. Legal advice from a reputable lawyer can order the other party to stick to the contract or pay you for any damages you may have suffered. Legal advice is either written or verbal counsel is given, it requires careful analysis and not just speculation based on fancy.

There are rules that arise from giving legal advice, so the lawyer is bound to certain rights. Those who give legal advice without qualifications can be subject to court penalties. This means that advice from family or friends is not legal advice. Proper advice is an agreement between an attorney and their client.

Legal advice for a Contract can Include FREE legal Advice

There are some lawyers who offer free legal advice on your issues be it family, criminal, civil, labour or contract law. They advise you on bail, court attendances, attending ID parades and much more.

Being provided with Legal advice For a Contract

LegalWise is an excellent source of advice. Started in 1970 to provide legal protection, it gives affordable advice to justice and legal assistance, providing access to a lawyer. Their legal team provide services delivered face-to-face as well as through a 24 hour Legal Line every day of the year. The team reviews your issue and refer you to attorneys in case your matter requires court proceedings.

In South Africa, we have a mixed legal system but generally, we follow English law in criminal, civil procedure, company or constitutional law and the law of evidence. Our court system consists of the magistrate’s courts, high courts, a Supreme court of Appeal as well as a Constitutional court, the highest authority. This court has final authority to decide whether an issue is Constitutional or not.

There are also specialised courts so as to avoid backlogs and a typical example of this is the Small Claims Court. This particular court resolves disputes involving small monetary sums. Add to that, some indigenous courts. These deal exclusively with the indigenous law.

Do you Need legal Advice?

Legal advice for a contractThere are very few people who get through life without requiring legal advice. Some people have suffered serious losses because they never got the correct advice or because it was too expensive.
There is free legal assistance for people who earn small or no salaries, and there are also legal services from credible sources where for a small fee each month you can get help.

If you need help, you don’t always have to consult a private lawyer – you can get help from Legal Aid, some banks and some financial services providers such as Hollard and Clientele among others. You can benefit from legal advice from a specialist organisation and even get help with your court case. It’s cheaper, quicker and certainly less stressful to use legal services like these.

You’ll be able to affordably rely on people who understand the laws of the land and laws which ultimately govern every area of your life.

All info was correct at time of publishing