When Does One Need Legal Cover in South Africa?

What are the legal benefits to  legal cover in South Africa from LegalWise?

  • Para-Legal packages
  • In-house legal analyst access, who try to keep your legal matter out of the court system if possible
  • Countrywide branch network
  • Around the clock availability through their LegalLine
  • Email and web based legal aid during official working hours
  • Extended para-legal provision, such as
  • Debt services (reversal of administration judgments and orders, settlement negotiations)
  • Family services (ante-nuptial contracts, child maintenance cases, uncontested divorces)
  • And all other civil aids (referral after preparation to the Court of Small Claims, referrals or mediation to forums of Alternative Disagreement Resolution)


LegalWise Legal Cover in South Africa

In South Africa, definitely one needs legal insurance in the event a legal matter comes your way.

Legal Cover in South AfricaTherefore, one of South Africa’s premier insurance provider, LegalWise, offers a Gold Membership legal plan. Firstly, for R90 monthly, you receive a per case legal fees payment equal to R90 000!

In addition, should the principal policyholder pass away in an accidental way, legal cover in South Africa from this provider pays out R9 000 in cash towards legal expenses.

What are the insurance benefits to a legal cover protection plan?

  • A per case legal fees amount reaching R275 000
  • Coverage for yourself and life partner or spouse, as well as non-adult children
  • Coverage for cases related to labour, criminal and civil matters
  • Ability to pick from any of 300 legal providers to act on your behalf
  • Added legal power through LegalWise negotiated fees
  • Should you want to choose an attorney who does not belong to the LegalWise panel of lawyers, you have the option to pick your own
  • If not satisfied with the product, LegalWise offers a guarantee of your money back within 3 months


The added benefits to a legal cover from LegalWise are:

  • In the event of temporary or permanent disability or retrenchment, a premium waiver of six months applies
  • And in the event of a main member’s accidental death, a legal expenses pay-out in cash applies


Significantly, a three month exclusions and waiting period are applicable prior to receiving benefits of this legal assistance insurance product. Importantly, the major exclusions are:

  • Business activities
  • Matrimonial cases such as custody disputes, maintenance disputes, divorce, marriage
  • Defamation claims initiated by you
  • Cases that involve you as a spokesperson, curator, executor, trustee, public officer or member
  • Class or collective actions
  • Disputes with less than a claim value of R50 000
  • Actions that take place for the purposes of frustrating or promoting environmental, social, political or economic change
  • Cases in which a fine is applicable, without a sentencing
  • And all matters you had before you were a member of LegalWise, or in their waiting period of three months.


A guarantee of your money back is offered for those that feel this product does not suit their needs. Also, this must occur during the waiting period that lasts three months prior to being a full fledged member. Additionally, you will have not received any benefits in that time, and your request to exit LegalWise membership will have to be done in writing.


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All info was correct at time of publishing