Gold Membership at LegalWise Insurance

How do I get Gold Membership at LegalWise?

  • Submit a query through their Contact Us page
  • Contact their extensive countrywide LegalWise branches
  • Gett in touch with their attorney branches
  • Visit or call their head office
  • Via the Ombudsman


How do I acquire LegalWise Gold Membership?

The Join Now section of their website contains a step by step process that enables you to peruse their legal cover options and buy the best one for you. It is intuitive and user friendly, and you should have no problem navigating through it quickly and easily.

Gold Membership LegalWise Legal CoverAnother section is labeled Call Me back, whereby you can input the provided form with your details and a friendly while knowledgeable legal insurance sales agent will be happy to reach back to you.

LegalWise Gold Membership Legal Insurance Cover Policy


  • Monthly fee of R90
  • Fee allocation for every case – maximum of R90 000
  • Legal expenses pay-out in cash should the main policyholder pass away – R9 000
  • For retrenchees: no premium payments for 6 months
  • Should you become temporarily or totally disabled, no monthly payments for 6 months
  • Guarantee of your money back: If you are not satisfied with a LegalWise Legal Cover Policy within the waiting period (3months), and as long as you have received no benefits, you are free to cancel your policy agreement and receive all premium payments paid up to that point


Legal Benefits

Para-Legal Provisions

  • Access to in-house mediators who are tasked with trying to settle matters out of court
  • Countrywide branch network
  • LegaLine access, 24/7 365
  • During offical working hours, email and web based legal assistance access
  • For matters that LegalWise does not pay the legal fees for, there are additional paralegal services. These include:
  • Debt resolution services such as reversal of administration judgements and orders
  • Family services such as ante-nuptial contracts, matters of child maintenance, uncontested divorces
  • Other various civil services like referral and preparation to the court of small claims, referrals or mediation to the CCMA or other similar forums of alternative disagreement resolution


Insurance Benefits

  • A per case allocation of a maximum of R275 000
  • Persons covered: you, spouse, under 18 year old children
  • Types of cases that the membership does not cover: labour, criminal, civil
  • Large number of legal firms within the LegalWise Network that can represent you: over 300
  • You have the legal power: legal fees at LegalWise price rates
  • Option to select represntation that is not included in the LegalWise Network


Exclusions and a waiting period of 3 months apply before receiving benefits. Main exclusions are:

  • Business cases
  • Matrimonial disputes such as custody battles, spousal and children mainenance disagreements, divorce
  • Defamation claims instigated by you
  • Cases as a result of you being part of a group such as a spkesperson, curator, executor, trustee, public officer etc
  • Class or collective actions
  • A dispute where the value of the claim amounts to R5 000 or less
  • Actions meant to frustrate or promote environmental, social, ploitical or economic change
  • Cases where a fine is a restitution option without a conviction
  • Matters that occurred prior to your becoming a LegalWise policyholder or within the waiting period of 3 months


Please complete and submit the form on this page to get a legal cover quote



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