What Legal Matters Are Covered by a Legal Plan?

What does a legal plan?

  • ID theft
  • Labour disputes
  • Civil matters
  • Criminal matters


What are other benefits to legal plan cover?

  • Locating a lawyer
  • Free demand letter
  • Legal consultation lasting 30 minutes included
  • Free typical legal documentation
  • Legal advice


A legal plan, such as from Clientele, protects the policyholder against criminal, labour or civil matters with an emphasis on quick resolution and minimal costs. Receive upto a per matter payment of between R120,000 and R200,000!

Legal Plan Cover in South Africa from ClienteleHow does a legal plan work?

You have a choice of 5 levels of legal insurance protection per matter, with access to a range of benefits along with your legal cover.

  • For the R60,000 cover amount, you receive R50,00 legal and funeral combo premium
  • The R70,000 cover amount attracts a legal and funeral combo premium of 60,00
  • If you choose one of the R120,000, R150,000 or R200,000 cover amounts, you will have a legal cover premium of either R120,00, R130,00 or R150,00 respectively.


Who may get coverage by these legal plans? Unfortunately, extended family members do not get any discounts or cover, though you, your partner and your children will have full cover.

Is excess payable? No, they are not.

These legal insurance cover plans by Hollard also entail added benefits. These are:

  • Receive legal advice either electronicaly or over the phone: an experienced and qualified lawyer will attend to you courteously at any juncture that you may require legal advice, or have any legal queries
  • Standard legal contracts and documents: Gain access at any time to legal documentation such as employment contracts and lease agreements. Everyone needs them at one point or another.
  • Retrenchment benefit: Should you suffer retrenchment in the year after buying our legal cover, you will be extended a 6 month period whereby you will still be fully covered before your memebership is affected.
  • Representation and consultation: your legal insurance paln affords you competent representation and consultaion through a practising lawyer on our panel. You can also choose an attorney, as long as you adhere to Hollard’s tariff schedule.


Hollard extended legal insurance apply to the R200, R150, and R120 legal plans. The bonus benefits include:

  • Ante-nuptial contracts for those getting married
  • For those getting divorced, uncontested divorce legal advice is offered, for those divorce proceedings that are mutual between the parties
  • Receive a discount of up to 60% on the initiation fees for debt counselling, ensuring you immediate cover and R3,000 worth of savings
  • Property tairiffs attorney fees can be yours for 60% less, infering you with immediate cover and up to R4,000 in savings on a property worth R1,000,000
  • Free property valuation by RatesWatch
  • Basic will drafting for free!


Why bother with Legal Cover?

It is prohibitively expensive to either defend yourself against or launch a legal claim. Many people decide against legal action due to its sky-high costs. The financial and emotional toll of being charged with legal action are huge. Be fully aware of the terms and conditions of your policy. Protect yourself with legal insurance.


All info was correct at time of publishing