How to Claim from Your Hollard Legal Plan

 The cost of legal help can be so exorbitant that it can cripple one financially. It is why it is important to choose a policy which you know will cover a good part of your legal fees. Here we will show you how to claim from your Hollard legal plan.

It is often difficult to choose the best company to get legal insurance from, especially when you see so many options. Fortunately, there are comparison sites where you can get comparative quotes from companies who offer the best legal cover in South Africa.

Hollard is always a name that will be among the names of insurers provided for you to compare.

Legal Advice from a Trusted, Experienced Source

When you get Hollard legal insurance, you know you are getting legal advice from South Africa’s biggest insurance group – a company who offers legal services to both private and business clients.

With Hollard, you can get legal insurance for a premium that starts at as little as R120 a month and which covers criminal, civil and labour matters. You can get legal advice from Hollard if you have made your monthly legal insurance payment.

So how to claim from your Hollard legal plan? When you want to claim from Hollard Legal, you –

How to Claim from Your Hollard Legal Plan

  • Need to notify Hollard that it’s about legal issues.
  • You can contact Hollard at 0861 666 479 or email them at
  • Hollard says that making a claim is as easy as 1,2, 3.
  • There is a 3 months waiting period for a claim to be paid. Take note that not every matter will need a formal claim.
  • The Hollard legal team attempts to resolve your matter before they refer it to an attorney. If a matter is referred, an excess is payable and the amount is equal to 3 months payment.
  • Claims are paid in accordance with a schedule of tariffs. If you want your own lawyer and this lawyer charges more than the tariff, you’ll have to pay in the difference.
  • Hollard will get back to you with details on the status of the claim. The insurer isn’t liable for a claim unless they have confirmed it and given you a written confirmation of cover.
  • There is a standard 3 month waiting period for labour, civil and criminal claims and during this time, you won’t be able to claim. If you need, during this time, you can call their in-office lawyers for advice.

Legal Disputes Settled with the Minimum of Cost – How to Claim from Your Hollard Legal Plan

It can be harrowing finding yourself involved in a legal dispute. It can be massively costly, but legal insurance from Hollard is a sure way to ensure you get the legal support you need to cover the costs of a legal dispute.

Six million policyholders in different countries put their hopes and trust in Hollard, and now you too can rely on them for legal support from experienced attorneys when you require any form of legal representation.

Very few South Africans are knowledgeable about the law, and with limited knowledge, your legal issue which started off small can spiral out of control. For a mere R120 a month you can rely on expert legal advice from Hollard.


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