Get a lawyer on your side for a small monthly fee.

Is Legal cover for everyone? Many people don’t think so, but they don’t realise that their life could change in a moment.

Things happen – an accident, divorce, contractual dispute, unfair dismissal – the list goes on.

Is Legal cover for Everyone – Yes, now High legal Fees are in the Past

Very few can afford legal advice due to the high cost. This is why many insurance firms provide legal cover anyone can afford. They know that costs can run into thousands of Rands.

You pay a small amount each month to cover a good portion of the legal costs you have. The cover includes both civil and criminal matters. Most insurers have call centres and offer legal advice 24 hours a day.

Is Legal cover for Everyone – Yes, with so Many fee Options you Can find the Plan you Want

Is Legal cover for Everyone Insurance firms offer different legal plans so that you get the cover you need. And tailored to your unique legal needs. The plans include many different aspects such as divorce, child maintenance, labour matters, debt collection, blacklisting etc. Legal cover helps you to protect your rights.

The two types of cover are ‘Before insurance’ – when something legal might happen. And ‘After event insurance’ –  when a legal incident has occurred. This costs more than ‘Before insurance’.

Is Legal cover for Everyone – Yes, give Your legal Issues to the Experts

Simply by having legal cover, you leave all your legal matters in skillful hands. The law is complicated and forever changing. Small legal issues can unravel into something much larger when you don’t have knowledge.

In the case of a business, a claim against it, can tarnish its reputation and make customers think twice before using them again. In business, more than ever, you’re also going to come up against dishonest employees, and this alone can lead to huge legal issues. Yes, attorneys are expensive, and few can afford them – until now.

Is Legal cover for Everyone – Yes, now Anyone can Afford a Lawyer

Legal cover is for everyone. Choosing your plan is important if you want cover that suits your lifestyle. Insurance is no longer a one-size-fits-all product, and when buying a policy, it is important you know your options and compare the policies. Bear in mind the lowest price for legal advice may come with lower input.

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By paying just a small amount each month you can get peace of mind. Let,za know what kind of legal cover you need. Fill in your details online and you receive options that offer the best cover at the most affordable price.

They save you a lot of time, money and frustration and you get legal cover tailored to your needs.

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