What kinds of legal cover are there in South Africa?

There are many types of Legal cover in this country. This may not interest you because you have never needed a lawyer before. But life happens.

So what happens when you do need a lawyer and you find that the cost of hiring one are way beyond your means, what now?

Types of Legal cover and Legal aid for the Poor

Types of Legal cover

It is only the very poor that have access to free legal aid in this country. However, to get free aid you’ll have to undergo a “means test”. This is to prove you are unable to afford expert legal advice.

Having legal cover protects your rights. With cheap legal cover, you still get access to a qualified attorney who is able to handle a range of legal disputes.

Paying a small monthly fee spares you the stress of finding a lawyer that will cost a fortune. The important thing with legal cover is that you can’t just take it out suddenly when you need it. There will be exclusions so that you can’t make claims for a certain period.

Types of Legal cover You can Find

Even if you don’t earn much you can qualify for legal cover, but you need to follow certain rules for this. Legal Aid and law clinics offer advice to those who aren’t able to afford a lawyer. For those who don’t qualify for legal cover, a small fee each month gets you the plan you want.

The type of legal plans available are –

  • Negotiation and documentation
  • Legal advice
  • Representation in court

Types of Legal cover – Negotiation and Documentation

Some legal matters don’t involve going to court. However, you still require the skills of a legal person for drafting a will, drawing up documents or help with a divorce. Often legal insurance doesn’t include divorce.

Types of Legal cover – Legal advice

Your monthly premiums entitle you to ongoing legal advice. Whether telephonic, email or face-to-face consultations, the advice is available 24 hours a day.

Types of Legal cover – Representation in Court

This plan covers the cost of a lawyer and the court proceedings. You’ll either have an attorney or get a certain portion for the use of a private attorney.

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