Santam Legal Insurance for Businesses

Most of us are going to need expert legal help at one or other time. The law is complicated and if you have a legal issue, it will become important to have a legal expert with special expertise in dealing with your problem. Santam legal insurance for business is a good option.

Some legal insurance experts specialise in a certain areas of law. And  sowhatever area of law you find yourself in, you’ll be wondering how to find the best legal insurance, especially when most people in South Africa can’t afford the services of an attorney.

Attorneys are legal professionals who have the relevant knowledge to offer Santam legal insurance advice, but they can cost a fortune. So what other options are there? You can look at paying a very reasonable sum each month Santam Legal Insuranceand getting expert legal advice when you need it.

Importantly, Santam offers affordable legal insurance. They are a leading general insurer in South Africa, providing a diverse range of general insurance products.

Value Added Santam Legal Insurance

Santam offers this legal insurance. At Santam, they believe that Santam legal insurance they offer should add value. They are a leading general insurer in South Africa, providing a diverse range of general insurance products to their more than 1 million policyholders.

Their business legal insurance is designed to provide small and medium-sized businesses help with being compliant with legal issues and to also identify legal risk areas in the business.

Santam’s business legal insurance designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Any small or medium sized business can apply for legal insurance if their turnover is up to R32 million.

You’ll need to provide Santam with the following details –

  • name of business
  • registration and VAT number
  • number of employees
  • active business bank account
  • a representative of the company with a green bar-coded ID or in possession of a South African work permit


Legal insurance cover from Santam includes business legal review – gives comprehensive analysis on your company’s compliance. They will help a business to recognize non-compliance and risk areas. They will provide tools to assist your business to comply.

Your business is protected against legal costs and expenses from labour disputes and criminal matters.

Access to professional advice and legal representation in court.

You get unlimited 24/7 telephonic access to qualified lawyers.

Access to customised contracts created to suit your needs.

Cover of up to R250 000 provided with affordable monthly- or annual premiums.

To get legal insurance. complete the online form or call 0860 444 444 or 0860 777 878.

The Truth!

The truth is that if you have any kind of a business, disaster could strike at any moment and force you to shut down. Every company who wants to continue doing business after a catastrophe will see to it that they have insurance to mitigate the risk of unforeseen damage.

As a growing business you will come into situations which require legal counsel. These situations may include civil guidance, labour guidance, commercial contracts or debt collection matters.

With legal services costing up to R3 000 an hour, you’ll rather want to pay a small premium each month to Santam and get them to sort out your legal issues.


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All info was correct at time of publishing