Comparing Legal Assistance Quotes in South Africa

Insurance coverage for legal costs can spare you a lot of money. At least it will ensure that your case is heard and that it has a chance of being resolved. Getting legal assistance quotes in South Africa is the first step; fortunately you can do that on this page!

Legal services can be free for low income earners. However, those who do earn can’t make use of such services and battle to cover the cost of legal services. Luckily there are excellent legal services providers who specialise in legal services from qualified lawyers and at an affordable price.

When you get this legal assistance, you often get other legal-related services thrown in and that is why it is so important to compare legal assistance quotes. Some of the other services include things such as drafting of standard agreements, divorce issues, debt related matters and others.

Getting Legal Assistance Quotes

Legal Assistance Quotes in South AfricaWhen you start looking at legal assistance, you’ll find there are different aspects that will make you want to compare and choose one form of cover over the next.

  • Hollard’s services cover criminal matters and civil matters. You can receive up to R200 000 coverage for a premium that is around R120 a month.
  • Automobile Association offers legal advice to their members for matters surrounding road traffic laws. It also covers selling a vehicle as well as other motoring issues.
  • Old Mutual also offers legal insurance under the iWYZE personal liability and legal insurance umbrella.


The only way to be sure you’re getting the best legal assistance is to compare them. If you think this is a cumbersome task, does it for you.

Using Hippo for Legal Assistance Quotes

Hippo will tell you that cover for legal assistance will differ from one service provider to another and that service providers offer different legal benefits- and terms too. You may not be able to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your legal assist cover policy and wonder how to wade through all the complexities and choose the best legal insurance.

For peace of mind, Hippo can select appropriate legal cover for you, your spouse and your dependent children and get you help with civil, criminal, labour and administrative matters.

Who is Hippo?

They started in 2007 and are a comparison website, comparing insurance and other personal finance products from different South African brands. No more calling around trying to find the cheapest quote to suit your needs, as Hippo does the comparing for your, checking prices and benefits, saving you a tremendous amount of time. makes use of modern technology to provide customers with amazing deals. Their web services are managed by experienced developers, ensuring customers get precisely what they need. What is more is that Hippo is completely free to use.

Very few South Africans can afford to buy insurance these days, and when they do, they want the best deals. They want big savings on insurance. By using price- and benefit comparison websites, you can get the best deal.

Do some Research and then Compare Legal Assistance Quotes

Remember that a comparison website doesn’t sell any products themselves and they don’t favour any insurance providers either. They simply show you details and prices, bearing in mind that the cheapest insurance policies may not be of particular value. It is precisely why it is important to do some of your own research and then to use a reputable comparison site such as Hippo to help you finally make your decision.


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