Clientele Legal Services

Why Get Clientele Legal Services?

  1. Their legal services provide justice for those who can’t afford to pay for an attorney
  2. Everyone can have access to affordable justice in civil- and criminal matters
  3. Clientele Legal Services keeps a list of excellent attorneys to provide you with legal assistance
  4. There are many cases where a person needs legal services – personal- or business – divorce, bankruptcy, rental problems
  5. You can rely on excellent lawyers and from a trustworthy, credible financial services group


Clientele Legal Services for those who can’t Afford an Attorney

Most times legal services are when a legal company provides civil representation free of charge. Or they offer services at a reduced cost for those who cant afford attorneys. The attorney takes on cases where a client’s fundamental rights are ignored.

Everybody in South Africa should have legal representation. In the event that you are exposed to a legal event, you want people who have you covered and who are available to you when you need a professional Clientele Legal Serviceson your side.

Clientèle Legal Services offers South Africans the chance to get superior professional legal services. If you need legal services, Clientèle Legal Services offers you affordable personal legal cover. Also, that is an easy way to enjoy the services of a qualified, professional lawyer. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with Clientele.

The 2Largest Provider of Legal Products

The Clientèle Limited Group acts as a financial services group, and are a leading distributor of financial services products. They offer their financial services products to the public through different direct marketing and sales distribution channels.

Clientele offers affordable insurance products, and South Africans need to know that a recent study conducted by the FinMark Trust, put Clientele Legal Services as the 2nd largest provider of legal products to South Africans. It is good to know that you re backed by a leading supplier of top legal services, and Clientele is ready to become your legal partner.

A Neutral Third Party – the Arbitrator

Many civil disputes are settled by private negotiations between the parties. Where parties are unable to reach a settlement, they use arbitration. An arbitrator is a neutral third party who listens to both sides of the dispute.

The arbitrator is generally not a lawyer, but a person who is an expert in industrial relations. The parties refer their dispute to an arbitrator, a third person, acceptable to both sides whose decision is final. Arbitrations proceedings usually result from a contractual dispute between parties who agree to a reference to arbitration as a term of the contract before the dispute arose.

Once parties agree to arbitration, neither party may approach a court of law until the matter goes to arbitration. Arbitration is frequently used in technical disputes – typically those between building contractors – when a lot of specialised evidence will need to be considered. The choice of arbitrator is usually decided by the parties themselves. Clientele offers these arbitration services.

Clientele offer a Legal Plan for Business

Clientele Legal now offers their Legal Business Plan. Superior Legal Services for your small or medium-sized business.

Many businesses simply cannot afford the high cost of litigation in South Africa. Therefore the Clientele Legal Business Plan provides affordable and professional guidance and assistance when managing your legal risks. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with their business legal plan are:

  • They cover labour related matters such as written warnings, retrenchments, disciplinary hearings, CCMA referrals and more
  • Civil matters include things such as advice relating to the Consumer Protection Act
  • Debt Collection includes help with debt collection procedures and letters of demand and others
  • Commercial contracts include among others purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements and more


Buying Property has Many Legal Formalities

Buying land and property, for instance, requires legal formalities. And once you have found the home you think you want, hasty actions can bring a host of unfortunate consequences. The important point is that with an agreement of sale you are bound by whatever conditions you agree to.

An offer to purchase – once the seller accepts it is binding on both parties. But what happens when the buyer changes their mind – decides to pull out of the sale, wants to reduce the price they agreed to pay and suddenly there are are a host of legal costs?

Also, selling your home can also be a tough process and there are in fact some aspects of the transactions that only a lawyer can perform. Thank goodness for an affordable premium each month, you can get good legal services from Clientele.

A Newsletter – Legal Advice at the Right Time

Clientele Legal offers their Newsletter on buying property, on divorce, on the legal aspects of a car accident and much more. These newsletters have articles written by lawyers and which are relevant to them. They know for instance that the end of the year particularly sees a massive hike in car accidents.

Naturally, the legal consequences of a motor accident can be civil or criminal, and Clientele’s December issue, for instance, will likely offer legal advice about car accidents as well as driving safely tips.

Of course, there is also a call to action, to pay a monthly premium to Clientele each month and to benefit from having excellent and affordable legal assistance whenever you need it. Clientele believes that with their regular legal communications to their many clients they can build up solid relationships with all their clients who rely on them to assist them with settling disputes.

You’re Always going to Need a Lawyer

So, as you can see, there are so many times throughout life when you’re going to need a lawyer. You may think you’ll only need a lawyer’s help when someone sues you, but you’ll discover in life there are a hundred and one reasons for requiring the expertise of a lawyer.

Finding a good lawyer is tricky, more so if you don’t have the financial resources, but with Clientele legal services, by paying a monthly sum each month, you can make use of their services and be sure you’re always on the right side of the law.

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