Where do I find 24 hour legal advice cheaply?

A Clientele legal advice policy is the most cost-effective way to get professional, affordable legal advice today. What does Clientele offer?

  • With a Clientele Legal Policy, you can enjoy exceptional legal benefits
  • You have access to a team of qualified legal advisors
  • Peace of mind that your legal issues will be sorted out
  • Personal and business legal cover

When legal issues Crop up – You need a Clientele legal advice policy

Clientele legal advice policyWhether it be family related, taxes, a criminal offence or complex property issues, the lawyers from Clientele have a broad spectrum of legal knowledge at the tips of their fingers.

Justice is never static so you need someone who keeps up to date with the law. Apart from keeping up to date, Clientele’s lawyers are able to advise in any field. Some cover tax laws, or property law and others criminal cases in court.

Suing someone in court involves a complex system of procedure. Everyone has the legal right to conduct their own case in a court. But only a trained lawyer can handle a case with skill. Hiring the services of a private lawyer can cost you a lot of money.

Clientele Legal – Credible, affordable Legal services

You need lawyers when faced with legal issues. However, legal advice can cost an arm and a leg if you were to approach a regular law firm. With Clientele you can afford the services of a private lawyer.

Clientele is a credible legal service provider and for more than 20 years they have made it possible to engage qualified lawyers at a reduced rate. Today they are a respected and trusted name in insurance with service centres across the country providing you with information and advice. Their range of plans includes investment and legal related products.

A Clientele legal Advice policy get’s Lawyers on Your case Quickly

Clientele legal advice policy

Clientele has lawyers who advise on matters like labour law, criminal, divorce and child custody issues plus much more. For a small monthly fee of R120 to R150 a month, you can have a lawyer on your side. Their R150 per month buys you the Standard Legal Plan and R270 per month the Extended Family Legal Plan for 4 family members. This legal advice will be up to the value of R120,000 per year or R1.2 million cover for life.

What you Can expect From a Clientele legal Advice policy

  • Access to R150,000 worth of legal services each year
  • Plans that cover you, your spouse and children up to the age of 21
  • Extended family plans also available
  • A bail benefit with the plans
  • Cover for civil, criminal or labour matters
  • Retrenchment benefit
  • Protection against inflation
  • Access to legal documents and contracts
  • Qualified lawyers on 24-hour call
  • Accidental death benefit for the main member on certain plans

Clientele legal Advice policy and Business law

Clientele also offers legal business advice for a small or medium size firm at R520 per month. Advice covers any business related issues such as civil and labour issues.

The Business Plan protects and assists your business to manage legal risks. You get advice and guidance on labour, debt collection, civil matters and commercial contracts. They know that no business, no matter how small, can operate without some degree of risk. A small grocery store, for example, can lose all its’ stock in a fire.

Also, the theft of money and electronic equipment is rife and you need to protect yourself against such events. What if you are fired or retrenched without warning with no benefits. What if your employer has been taking UIF off your salary but not paying it to the Department of Labour?

Not only Businesses can Acess legal Cover

Clientele legal advice policy

Many people think that Clientele legal assistance is only for business, but legal cover is for anybody. Good legal advice from skilled lawyers is a phone call away on 0860 004 529, 24 hours a day.

Clientele’s services are offered throughout South Africa too. The legal contact lines are manned by lawyers who have a wide experience of common problems such as divorce to the registration of a company.

You can also email Clientele on customerservice@clientelelegal.co.za  The excellent benefits provide you with peace of mind. This is because you have access to a team of professional legal advisors who are capable of giving you superior legal assistance.

Monthly premiums You can Afford

Many legal problems can be solved only by professional legal advice.  If you can’t afford to engage lawyers or pay for expensive court actions, why not see what Clientele can do for you? There is a range of legal services you can afford.

A client can’t engage an advocate directly but can be approached through an attorney. An attorney has direct contact with their clients and undertakes day to day legal business such as the purchase and sale of property, drawing up of wills and contracts, the winding up of deceased and insolvent estates and more.

The best way to choose an attorney is on a recommendation. Clientele is a trusted name in South Africa and by simply completing their online form, one of their friendly and helpful consultants will call you back.

All info was correct at time of publishing