Why you need Clientele legal Protection.

You need Clientele legal Protection because there is a distinct advantage to having Clientele on your side –

  • If you don’t have the money to pay for a private lawyer and face legal issues, they provide a top legal aide
  •  Clientele cut the costs for legal representation
  • You get a competent lawyer at your side
  • They assist with personal as well as business legal advice
  • You receive sound legal advice in exchange for an affordable premium each month

You need Clientele legal Protection and Access to Affordable legal Advice

What if you have a car accident that you believe wasn’t your fault or a legal dispute with an employee. Do you have the money to contact a private lawyer? There are very few of us who have the finances to cover the costs of going to court. Clientele legal insurance provides access to affordable advice for legal disputes.

Cost-wise, there isn’t much to fear in suing in the small claims court. After all, one of the main reasons for a small claims system is to avoid the risk of huge costs. Regular courts are expensive.

The aim of the small claims system is to make justice cheaper for those who can’t afford civil courts. However, when claims aren’t low enough to justify using these courts they won’t hear your case if your claim exceeds a certain amount.

What happens though when your case is too complex for the small claims court?  Legal protection is expensive, and you’ll be happy to know that with Clientele, you’ll have support and finance with any kind of legal dispute you face.

Contract issues, tax, employment disputes, property protection, making a will and other legal aspects are just some of the situations you may encounter where personal legal protection may be required. In fact, there are many instances where legal advice will be very handy to have.

You always need a Lawyer

You need Clientele legal ProtectionMany people leave some property to their relatives when they die. There is always the question as to how the property is to be shared. There are rules for making a valid will and of course, you can do it yourself.

However, unless your estate is very simple, you need to seek expert advice from an attorney. Thousands of Rands could be lost if your heirs get involved in expensive litigation as they try to define what you meant in a certain clause. You can avoid this if have expert legal advice.

The “Means” test

Very few cases brought before courts on criminal charges are legally represented. In civil matters, only those who are able to satisfy the requirements of a means tests, based on income, qualify for assistance.

You need Clientele legal ProtectionThe means-test ceiling is so low that legal aid is only available to the very lowest income groups. This means that a very large section of the population cannot apply for legal aid and can’t afford lawyers and the costs of a court case.

This is where you need Clientele legal protection. They are a financial services group listed on the Stock Exchange. In South Africa their name is credible and for more than 20 years they have been offering their services to the public. Clientèle offers you the chance to get legal advice you can afford and a means to have your own lawyer.

You have a Choice of two Legal plans:

The Personal Legal Plan from R150 per month and the Business Legal Plan from R520 per month. Clientele’s legal plans mean you have access to R150,000 worth of legal services each year and as much as R1.5 Million for life.  You can call them any time to find out about plans that cover you, your spouse and your children.

There are also Extended Family plans available. They have a 24-hour legal emergency line with access to lawyers. Personal insurance covers you against criminal, civil and labour related matters. There is also a bail and retrenchment plan as well as an accidental death for your spouse on certain plans.

Clientele offers a range of legal business plans for business big and small. They offer advice for commercial contracts, civil and labour matters and debt collection. Taking action to recover a debt can take time and also cost a lot. Money lost through fraud can destroy a business. If you have been defrauded you can take steps against those responsible with a civil action.

Business Law in plain English

You need Clientele legal ProtectionRunning a business is not easy today. You need legal terms explained to you in plain English because you don’t have any legal know how. With Clientele’s Law for Business, you’ll understand everything needed regarding the law, whether your business has been in existence for several years or you’re just starting out.

With Clientele’s Law for Business, you’ll understand everything needed regarding the law, whether your business has been in existence for several years or you’re just starting out.

Contracts, intellectual property, partnership agreements – you name it – you’re going to be faced with legal issues and you want to avoid the risks that can sink your business.

As the owner of a new business, you need Clientele legal Protection. If you don’t have the budget to employ a private legal advisor, Clientele covers every aspect of the laws surrounding the risks that a business faces.

All info was correct at time of publishing