What is the Family Law Clinic All About?

The Family Law Clinic Trust runs the organisation. It is a not for profit organisation and it provides legal advice for free in family matters. The organisation prides itself in being able to deliver legal advice that can help uplift the communities it serves.

One of the ways it does this is to establish Family Law Clinics in impoverished areas and to have them run by people from those same communities.

What the Family Law Clinic Offer Advice On

The focus is on supporting families. They will help with domestic matters like child abuse, domestic violence, maintenance issues, abuse of the elderly, marital discord, adoption and guardianship issues.

They also look at providing counselling for those affected by upheavals in their family lives. Cases covered would include where an abused spouse needs help to exit a bad domestic situation, where people Family Law Clinicneed medical assistance or, where necessary, to get the police involved.

Is the Family Law Clinic Free?

They calculate payment on a case by case basis. The law clinics work at keeping costs to a minimum and will charge the person in accordance to what they are able to afford. The organisation receives private funding; it needs to stay afloat as well.

The advice that is provided is for free. So you don’t have to pay for the initial consultation. Should the matter need to go to court, however, administration charges will be levied. But you will know what these are in advance of the proceedings.

Is the Family Law Clinic Any Good?

The advice provided is sound. Where possible, they give on the spot advice. The staff have experience in dealing with commonly encountered issues. You just have to let them know what the issue you are facing is.

They will then determine whether or not they can advise you immediately, or whether or not there is a need for urgent intervention by the authorities. Like where a child is in immediate danger.

The clinics work in close co-operation with the SAPS Child Protection Unit, Rape Crises clinics, Child Welfare and the Red Cross to ensure that victims of abuse or rape receive the right kind of help and counselling.

If the issue is something that the team cannot deal with straight away, it will be put before a panel comprising of skilled legal advisors so that the best course of action can be determined. You will need to leave your contact details and will be advised of the outcome as soon as humanly possible.

How Do I Apply?

The application process is fairly simple – you can either go into the local clinic near you, or email the details of the matter to somerset@familylawclinic.org.za. Alternatively you can call in on 021 851 5504.

The staff will be able to advise you on what steps you will need to take going forward. They will provide whatever assistance they can to help you get the resolution that you need. From there on out, you decide whether or not you will accept their assistance.


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