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Dealing with the South African Home Affairs department can be extremely trying at the best of times. When it comes to getting temporary residency, applying for a Visa or applying for permanent residency, it can seem impossible without assistance. That’s why you need a firm like Craig Smith immigration lawyers to help.

Craig Smith & Associates are one of the leading immigration attorneys in South Africa. They are also the only firm that assists clients with the full range of immigration services.

Whether it is just a matter of completing the correct documentation or a more serious matter that requires legal representation in court, they can assist. Their attorneys are equally good at dealing with the High Court as they are with your typical Magistrate’s Court.

Temporary Residence

If you want to obtain temporary residency for longer than a three-month period, you will need to start Craig Smith Immigration Lawyersthe process in your home country first. This is in terms of the newest immigration laws. It means that you have to go through to the South African Mission nearest you.

Renewals or alterations to temporary residence status, however, can be done within South Africa itself.

Permanent Residence

Permanent residence can be trickier to obtain because it entitles you to the same rights as a South African citizen. It is preferable if your intention is to live and work or operate a business in the country for any great length of time.

You are allowed to apply for residence if you already have temporary residence status. However, you should apply before your temporary residence expires.

If you have not got valid temporary resident status, you must apply for permanent residency from the South African Mission in your home country.

Temporary Residence Visas

In order to be able to get into South Africa, you must have a Port of Entry/ Visitor’s visa. These are valid for up to ninety days.

This visa can be extended as long as the right conditions are met. The government is wary of extending visas and so has attached strict conditions to applications.

For example, if you want to extend your visa, you have to apply within 7 days of arriving if staying for a month. This “grace” period is extended to 30 days with a normal 90 day visa.

Additional Services

The firm will assist those who have overstayed their visas or who are in the country illegally to legalize their position. It will helps defend against detention or deportation as well.

It can help defend you if you are brought up on charges of contravening the immigration laws of South Africa.

They work on cases that challenge the legality of immigration laws in terms of South Africa’s constitution.

The firm offers a range of services that enable foreign nationals to stay in the country legally. They can assist with appeals against decisions taken by the immigration department and help if you run afoul of immigration laws.

Naturally, it is best to comply with the rules and regulations from the start. If you haven’t done this, however, you will need effective, legal assistance. Craig Smith & Attorneys can help with this.


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