How Can I Save on Legal Cover?

How can I Save on Legal Cover?

  • Choose a policy with an annual R120 000 limit
  • It should have cover that extends to 18 people
  • Legal advice should be available 27/7 via an emergency line
  • You must be able to to get free legal assistance and advice whenever you need it


Legal cover – How to Save

Legal services can prove costly, and have ruined many a person’s finances. And legal advice can cost thousands of Rands hourly, so you need to watch these expenses. Gain the know-how and experience of professionals for any legal eventuality and save at the same time.

Very few people go their entire lives without experiencing legal matters. Acquiring legal cover is Save on Legal Coverimportant to protect yourself against unforeseen legal expenses. Legal insurance ensures that you are not drained financially due to any legal dispute that may befall you.

Legal insurance offers you professional legal advice. It also gives you access to financial help that you require. That would be to resolve any troubles you may be undergoing easily and quickly.

You might find yourself facing a criminal, labour or civil matter in your life while you have legal cover. In that case, you will have full protection against their costs fully.

What does legal insurance provide me?

Legal insurance provides you with telephonic or face to face legal advice and assistance, as well as legal representation should your legal matter go to court.

Depending on the policy, legal cover can assist you with administrative, labour, criminal or civil matters. Terms and conditions apply as to what legal plan offers what benefits.

A legal plan where you save also offers assistance with legal contracts and documents such as last wills and testaments, ante-nuptial contracts, debt counselling and divorce papers. In addition, you receive attorney expenses discounts as well as legal representation and consultation savings.

The premium you pay will determine the benefits you receive. Legal cover covers a range of labour, civil, and criminal matters, assuring your best interests.

For instance, should you get unfairly laid off from your job or criminal charges are brought up against you, legal insurance can cater for your legal expenses as you try to prove your case.

Why do I need Legal insurance?

  • Peace of mind – should any legal matter be lodged against you, you will be protected against its costs
  • Professional legal team available whenever you need it – a qualified legal advisor is provided to you whenever you require, to offer legal advice and to guide you should you require legal representation
  • Bail benefit – should you be jailed, the bail amount can be deducted from your legal cover as a legal expense. Legal insurance provides for an attorney to act on your behalf, and pays your bail fee in accordance to your legal policy provisions.



Please go over your policy thoroughly with your legal cover representative, and discuss any exclusion to cover the policy you are considering may have. For example, some policies do not cover for any prior legal matters you may be embroiled in before the purchase of the policy. In such a case, the legal insurance provider may offer advice. Try to save!


All info was correct at time of publishing