Insure yourself against discrimination and marital abuse.

Most of the items you value in life like your car, house, valuables etc. are insured. But what if you get caught up in legal issues – have you got Legal Aid Insurance?

What Legal Aid Insurance can Do for You –

  • If you land on the wrong side of the law you have immediate access to a lawyer
  • Legal aid insurance is free for those on pension or unemployed
  • Offices across the country are staffed by skilled staff
  • You can get cover for as little as R125 a month if you don’t earn a lot
  • Legal aid brings peace of mind


Legal aid insurance And the Right to a Fair Trial

Legal Aid InsuranceIf you end up on the wrong side of the law, you still have every right to a fair trial. And there are many reasons why you might need the services of an attorney. Whether you’re involved in a dispute with your landlord or going to court on criminal charges, not having the funds to hire a lawyer can put you at risk.

This is why there are free legal aid options available to you with a State assisted lawyer. However, to receive free legal aid, a person must meet certain guidelines.

A Lawyer on Your side

The lawyers’ focus is on representing the person on criminal charges and also providing legal advice on civil matters. Legal aid insurance is for anyone who can’t afford their own legal team, and the aim is to provide advice to poor people. This includes groups such as women and children.

Legal aid covers matters that fall outside of the criminal justice system. It’s for those facing civil charges such as domestic abuse, unlawful evictions, divorce or defamation for instance. Trying to get justice without a lawyer can be all but impossible.

There are legal aid plans which help people and families get legal advice and protect the rights of low-income earners. This is often the only lifeline to people facing what could be life-altering events. Without help many people resort to violence out of sheer frustration. The legal aid lawyers advocate for clients in matters outside of court and also litigate on their behalf in court.

Pro Bono assistance from Private attorneys

Legal Aid InsuranceLegal aid providers vary in the mission too and while some of them are locally focused, others may take cases from across the entire country. Help which comes from private lawyers is a useful addition to the services provided by legal aid programs.

The practice of pro bono (which means “for the public good”) is becoming part of private firms. The Family Law Clinic –  launched by a private attorney in 2008 is a registered firm who offer free legal aid and advice to those who have no access to justice. The clinic offers help mainly to the elderly, women and children battling with child access, domestic violence, abuse and maintenance.

Innocent until Proven guilty

Legal aid insurance covers civil and criminal cases and supports each person’s right of innocent until proven guilty. With civil work, the emphasis is on legal advice and defending the rights of women and children. With civil matters, you need to qualify by way of a Means Test to see if you can get free legal aid.

Criminal matters handled by the Board include all matters where an injustice would occur if legal advice were not provided at State expense.

The Way the Justice system Works

  • There are two different types of court cases – criminal and civil
  • Attorneys and Advocates make up the legal team
  • The attorney is the one to call for legal advice. Their services cover a wide range of legal problems
  • Attorneys refer clients to Advocates because they have expertise in various areas of the law. Especially the presentation of cases in court
  • They also give legal opinions and help with the drafting of legal documents

Affordable insurance for Those who Earn a Good income

Legal Aid Insurance

Affordable legal aid is also available. There are online quote sites where you can apply for any type of insurance. They have partnered with leading insurance firms and brokers and can, therefore, offer a range of quotes.

You can find legal aid for as little as R125 a month which gives you access to all the legal services. Get legal advice for yourself or your family from lawyers who are available 24/7 dealing with labour, motor, criminal, consumer or property offences. You also get legal backing in the courts because the law is always changing.

The most Common Law-Related issues are all Covered

Most firms that offer legal protection allow their clients to have 24/7 access to a legal advice line. Legal aid insurance is a must-have for the simple reason that it covers the most common law-related issues. Just remember, there is free as well as affordable legal aid insurance.

All info was correct at time of publishing