Hollard Insurance personal Legal cover takes your case personally.

Normally, legal help is so expensive that for most people it is out of reach. However, you can afford Hollard Insurance personal legal cover.

When faced with a divorce, a family crises or business dispute, you need a large amount of money to hire a lawyer. Or go without legal help.

Today, the only people who can afford legal aid are either wealthy or a company. Most ordinary people are unrepresented.

Hollard Insurance personal Legal cover – we Represent the Man in the Street

Hollard Insurance personal Legal cover

You can afford Hollard legal plans. They protect you against civil, labour or criminal matters. With Hollard you stand a much better chance of getting your legal issues resolved quickly. And more importantly, at minimal cost to you.

Hollard have been around a long time and are the biggest privately-owned group in in the country. Started in 1980, they provide short-term, life insurance and investment products. The Hollard group has more than 6 million members around he world.

Hollard Insurance personal Legal cover – Premiums you Can afford

Starting at R120 a month, a legal plan from Hollard covers your legal costs for up to R120 000 for each event. Plus you have access to a skilled lawyer. You may use your own lawyer if you wish, in any case you get  legal advice.

That’s not all Because you also Get other Legal assistance Such as –

  • Help with a sale agreement
  • Antenuptial contracts
  • Drafting of legal documents

Hollard Insurance personal Legal cover and What you Get –

  • Good legal advice because sometimes taking legal action might not be the best route to go. But how can you know with your lack of legal knowledge?  If you don’t have a case, Hollard will advise you on this in order to save you paying money for nothing.
  • Help with fighting a huge company. Hollard defends your rights as a consumer when you need advice on suing a company. This is a frustrating and thankless task if you were to try it on your own.
  • Wrongful dismissal or unfairly retrenched? If you go to the CCMA, have you got the knowledge to win your case? Hollard helps with proper legal representation so that you have a good chance of winning your case and getting compensation.

Hollard Insurance personal Legal cover – Costs can Mount at an Alarming rate

Legal expenses can get out of hand very quickly. Why not give all your legal issues over to Hollard? They protect you from unforeseen legal problems with their different levels of cover. Hollard has  more than 82 branches around the country and can attend to your needs quickly.

Levels of Cover – Plans from A to C:

  • A – R120,000 for R120 a month
  • B – R150,000 for R150 a month
  • C – R200,000 for a premium of R200 a month

For such an affordable premium each month, you never have to fight legal issues again, Hollard fight them for you.

All info was correct at time of publishing