Scorpion vs Legalwise – Which One is Best?

30th October 2017

Scorpion vs LegalWise – which one to Choose?

  1. Decide on the level of cover each one can offer and which you require
  2. How do their monthly premiums compare?
  3. Do both have waiting periods and exclusions?
  4. They both offer 24/7 legal advice services
  5. Legalwise has more experience – has been around since the 1970s while Scorpion emerged in the 1990s.

Legal Assistance in Exchange for Monthly Fee

Many people living in South Africa are unable to afford legal services with the money they earn. This is where legal cover comes in handy. For a small monthly fee, when the time comes, they can benefit from legal assistance.

The tremendous benefit of having this legal cover is that just for a small amount paid each month, you’re covered for legal issues that might arise. The best part about having this legal cover is that you never Scorpion vs Legalwisehave to look for huge sums of money to get legal help.

When you decide on legal services, comparing Scorpion vs Legalwise, you need to determine what it is that you need. You’ll notice that most policies include coverage for civil law issues. The plans also offer family law protection too.  Family law includes things such as wills and trusts, divorces and custody of children.

Certainly, if you run a business in South Africa you will want business protection. Legal cover for a business is designed with the needs of the business in mind and includes things such as retrenchments, strikes, reviewing of employment policies, contracts and much more.

Compare Premiums with Services

When you’re looking at which legal cover to choose – Clientele, Scorpion vs LegalWise – or one of the others, you’ll need to determine the level of coverage you need because there are quite a few different coverage levels available.

Common coverage levels include business cover, family cover, individual cover and specialised policies cover. You’ll need to check out exclusions too because both Scorpion and LegalWise will have exclusions. LegalwiseFor instance with Scorpion Legal there are financial limitations per claim as well as for claims paid in a year.

Know what is covered and what isn’t covered. Also find out about waiting periods. With LegalWise, benefits are subject to a 3 month waiting period. Be sure you know how soon you can use the policy, as some plans allow you to begin using them right away while others come with a short waiting period.

Popular legal protection providers in South Africa are Scorpion Legal, Clientele Legal, Legal Aid and Legal Wise. They all offer their own style of legal plans. But how do they compare?

Scorpion vs Legalwise

  • Scorpion Legal Protection is underwritten by Legal Expenses Insurance Southern Africa Limited. The company has been providing South Africans with affordable legal aid since 1996. Their aim is to help their clients defend their rights through professional legal assistance- and advice.
  • LegalWise also goes way back to the 1970s. It was founded by Zak Crafford who used to be a Legal Aid employee.Their aim is to also allow South Africans to have access to justice and legal assistance.
  • With LegalWise, if you become involved in a dispute, they will offer legal counselling and cover benefits specific to your needs. This is also done at affordable rates.
  • Just like with Scorpion Legal, you’ll find that their professional Legal Counsellors provide different legal services which are delivered face-to-face from their many branches scattered throughout South Africa.
  • LegalWise, with their Para-Legal Services, offers access to their in-house legal counsellors whose mission it is to resolve all legal issues of their clients so as to spare them having to go to court. They also offer extended para-legal services such as debt services, family services and other civil services. They offer their customers access to the LegalWise network of more than 300 legal firms.


Both of these legal services, Scorpion vs Legalwise, offer a 24 hour legal line which offers accessibility to the law night and day.

Ridiculously Affordable Plans

Legal insurance covers you for legal expenses that you would normally have to pay. Many people never see justice because they simply don’t have the money to pay for a lawyer. They don’t know that there are a variety of ridiculously affordable legal plans available from reliable sources such as LegalWise and Scorpion Legal. Some plans cover specialized areas of legal issues, while others cover a host of legal issues such as drafting of wills, reviewing contracts and much more.

Scorpion Legal offers 6 plans of which their most affordable costs a mere R45 a month. LegalWise offers 3 Plans of which their cheapest one, the Gold Plan is for R90 a month.

We take a look at- and compare these 2 plans –


Gold Plan
R90 per month
Up to R90 000 for legal fees per case
R9 000 cash pay-out for legal expenses in the case of the accidental death of the main member
Apart from the many legal benefits with this plan, they also have Added Benefits such as having to pay no premiums for 6 months if you are retrenched or temporarily disabled, a cash payout when the main member dies accidentally and which can be used for legal expenses

Platinum Membership
Their most expensive Plan is for R220 a month for which you get up to R220 000 legal cover per case.  There is also a R22 0000 cash pay out for legal expenses for the accidental death of the main member. There are also added benefits with this plans such as up to 60% discount on property conveyancing fees, insurances benefits for uncontested divorce as well as a free property evaluation assessment each year.

►Scorpion Legal

Policy B Plan
R45 a month
R55 000 cover in court
R5 000 for Accidental Death Legal Expenses Cover – for when the main member dies because of accidental death. Cover is immediate.

Platinum A Plan
R130 a month
the most expensive plan of Scorpion
You get R150 000 cover in court and R14 000 for legal costs when the main member dies because of accidental death. You also add parents to this Plan.

Simplification of Legal Procedures

Which legal plan appeals to you? Scorpion vs Legalwise? Between LegalWise and Scorpion Legal you can have access to excellent legal services and affordably too. Their services can lead to the shortening and simplification of legal procedures.

All info was correct at time of publishing